To gain expertise in math – follow the right tips and material


To gain expertise in math – follow the right tips and material

It can not be denied that the math of class 11th is very tricky and difficult. Even though you find it difficult to study math, by following a few tips and putting in your hard work, you can gain expertise in this subject. If you have joined classes for it then apart from the classes, you need to do self-study as well. Because self-study is more effective than group study. With a little hard work and plenty of self-study, you can score good marks in the math of class 11th.  Furthermore, it will also depend upon the material that you will be using. There are a lot of publishers in the market that is providing different materials for 11th class math. But you need to follow such a material that will be covering all the topics with relevant illustrations and practical questions. Using vague study material will make it more difficult for you to do this subject. Therefore, if you want to cover all the important topics of math which shall be relevant for exam purposes as well, you need to study from NCERT material only. It covers all the topics and has the best questions on all the topics. To make it easier for you to study this subject, Infinity Learn has brought class 11th math guide. It will help all the class 11th students to study their math syllabus effectively and efficiently. However, along with all these materials and guides, you need to follow a few more tips to gain expertise in class 11th math.

  • You need to solve extra math practice questions as well: It is one of the most important tips for doing math. If you think, you have understood a topic of math very well then you need to try a few problems on it as well. If you are able to solve those extra problems then it is good, otherwise, you need to work harder on the same. Infinity Learn has provided extra practice questions for practice in its guide and book that can be followed by the students to gain expertise over them. There are solutions as well in the book, in case, you are not able to solve any question or you are getting the wrong answer then you can look at the solution to find out your mistake. These questions and solutions are designed in a way to understand the concepts from the base. If you do not get the right answer to a problem at one time then you need to try it again and again so that you become fluent in solving such hard questions. You can also look over the web for extra questions for practice.
  • Read and understand the questions carefully: Another point that needs to be considered before starting to solve the questions is to read and understand the questions carefully. If you won’t read the question and understand its requirement then you won’t exactly know what the requirement is and what is exactly to be proved or solved. It will help you in assessing the steps that will be taking you to the solution of the question. Along with reading, you can use a textbook to write down the meaning of difficult statements, such writing down will help you during revisions. You can also write down the important formulas in that notebook so that you won’t have to turn the pages of your book because that will be very time-consuming.
  • You need to study daily: Another tip that should be followed by you to gain expertise in math is to study daily. Math is one of such subjects that is needed to be understood conceptually. If you won’t understand it conceptually then you won’t be able to solve its questions. Furthermore, you can not learn math. To understand it conceptually, you need to study it daily even if you do it for one hour or two, you need to do it daily. You need to pick a few topics that you will be covering on daily basis. It will enable you to complete your syllabus on time and with fluency. You can make a fair book for this purpose.
  • You need to check your work also: Even if you are good at math even then you need to cross-check your solutions. Otherwise, you would never know whether you have done the solutions right or not. Infinity Learn has provided on its website the NCERT maths class 11 PDF that will be containing solutions as well. Once you have solved all your scheduled questions, you can check their solutions from the PDF as referred above. It will help you in making sure that you are doing them right. Solving math questions without checking them will not be much helpful.
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These are the tips that you can follow along with the right study material to gain expertise in math.

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