Every Aspect You Need To Know About Sabudana Or Tapioca Pearls!

Sabudana Or Tapioca Pearls

Are you aware of the fact that most Indians fast?

And do you know that their meals are incomplete without one or another dish made with sabudana?

Are you familiar with this ingredient – Sabudana?

Let us explore every minute detail about Sabudana or The Tapioca Pearls!

What Is Sabudana?

Sabudana or Sago is a food item that is rich in carbohydrates. It comes from the spongy central part of the tropical palm trees. The root of the Tapioca plant is widely used to extract the starch, which is later on transformed into small pearl-like spheres popularly known as the Tapioca Pearls.

What Are The Widely Accepted Benefits Of Sabudana?

  • It Is A Great Source Of Energy

Sabudana is rich in starch and simple sugars that quickly produce glucose to meet the body’s energy requirements.

  • It Is Best For People On Gluten-Free Diet

A significant amount of people are acquired to be intolerant to gluten. As Sabudana is gluten-free, it can work as a substitute for wheat.

  • It Regulates Your Blood Pressure

Sabo is rich in potassium which aids in maintaining good blood flow and regulating blood pressure.

  • It Improves Your Digestion

Dietary fibres in Sabudana promote good digestive health and relieve you from any indigestion problems.

  • Assists In Weight Gain Process

It has a high content of carbs that are low in fat, making it better for weight gain.

  • To Reduce Iron Deficiency In People With Anaemia

Sabudana is widely known as the iron powerhouse. It works wonders for people who suffer from iron deficiency.

  • It Boosts Your Nervous System

With the high presence of amino acids, intake of sabudana dishes can help to improve your nerve impulse transmission.

  • It Improves Your Mental Health

With the intake of sabudana, one can treat anxiety and insomnia while maintaining mood swings and supporting sound sleep.

5 Dishes To Make While Using Sabudana:

  • Sabudana Tikki

A tasty crispy Sabudana Tikki is a quick and easy dish to prepare as a tea time snack. The delicacy is prepared with two basic ingredients – Sago and spices.

  • Sabudana Upma

Sabudana Upma is a south Indian dish that is quite a healthy and tasty dish. It takes no time to cook it. It requires three main ingredients: potatoes, Sago, and roasted peanuts with several condiments and spices.

  • Sabudana khichadi

It is a very delicious main course sabudana khichadi recipe. The dish requires very little effort in preparation. Many Indians find it best as a fasting recipe. Sabudana Khichadi can be savored on festive occasions like Shivratri and Navratri.

  • Sabudana Kheer

Sabudana kheer is a perfect Indian dessert that is rich in energy and carbohydrates. Sabu is easy to prepare and digest, leaving a cooling effect on the digestive system.

  • Sabudana Puri

It is a simple and quick snack that people mostly prefer for lunch or dinner. It is a side dish made with wheat flour, Sago and mashed peas.

Sabudana is a great food item that can be consumed to treat an upset stomach or diarrhea. Since it doesn’t have any strong flavor of its own, it can be easily used to make any kind of sweet or spicy dish, such as Sabudana khichadi or kheer.

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