Essential Graphic Design Tips For Every Website

In research conducted in the field of visual studies, 65% of humans came out to be visual learners. It came to light that most people tend to access and retain visual content more readily than any other form of content. That explains the significance of infographics, videos and GIFs in today’s world.

So, whenever you think of creating a website, you must give special consideration to the graphics. That is how you’ll ensure the development of a successful website while grabbing the attention of your target audience and eventually increasing the number of your sales.

Here are some essential graphic design tips to help you get started if you are planning to engage with web design in Geelong.

Follow this list, and you will have A1 graphics and a highly efficient website.

1.  Go For Contrasting Colours

There should always be a clear colour contrast between your background and foreground so that each element stands out clearly. If you choose colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel, like pink and red, they will wash out each other.

Imagine a red background with content written in a shade of dark pink. Do you think it would entice the audience? It surely wouldn’t and rather miss out on capturing the attention of your target audience.

So, make sure to pick high contrast colours like white and black or red and white to highlight each element.

2.  Choose Uniform, Readable Fonts

Try to keep it simple when it comes to fonts. Never opt for the ones with detailed styling as they impact the readability. Try to use web-safe fonts like Arial, Serif or Sans Serif that load well across all devices, including smartphones and laptops.

Also, opt for consistency. Choose one or two easy to read fonts and keep them consistent throughout your website. We recommend you change the font size or bolden, italicise or underline the content you wish to highlight. That way, you can create a hierarchy without disturbing the overall flow of your content.

3.  Leave Ample White Space

If your goal is to create an attractive and impactful website, never overcrowd it with too many design elements but keep it simple. The best way is to secure sizable white space on your website. You might want to fill up your websites with all the images and texts that you can get your hands on but always remember that a simple website wins the race.

So, don’t bombard your users with too much information or images but create a balance using white space. White space not just creates a sense of harmony but allows the rest of the elements to stand out. As web designers in Geelong, this is one element that we always keep in mind while creating a website.

4.  Create a Clear Hierarchy Using Colours

Colours don’t just serve an aesthetic purpose but a functional one too. Every website needs to have a clear content hierarchy, and you can achieve this by using appropriate colours. Choose vibrant colours for your headings and the content you wish to highlight and tone it down for secondary content.

You can use visually dominant colours like red or black to attract the attention of your visitors to a specific section of your website.

5.  Highlight Your CTA’s

Your website visitors should never have a hard time locating your CTA’s. CTA’s or call to action buttons guide users regarding the next step once they land on your website. And if they are unable to find it, they would leave without taking any action.

So, one essential graphic design tip for every website is to create an attractive call to action buttons. Spice them up with an active font, eye-catching colours and corresponding images or GIFs so that they never go unnoticed. Using pop-up CTA’s is also quite in trend these days. So, you have a lot of choices but whatever you choose, make sure it goes with the overall vibe of your website.

6.  Use Custom/Real Images

Using stock images from google is a thing of the past; the real deal today is custom images and videos. You can give your website a more personalised, credible and attractive touch through custom graphics. That way, your website will stand out from the crowd.

Also, try to replace animated images with real ones. Bring real humans from your company to the frame as it adds the much needed human touch to your website. So, make sure to hire a photographer to click some pictures for your website, or you, yourself, can take up the role of a photographer.

As web designers in Geelong, we are aware of the role that real images/videos play and, therefore, offer our clients professional photography and videography services. To know more, get in touch with us at Make My Website today.

Final words:

Note these points down, implement them all while building your website, and you will become the proud owner of a functional and attractive website. In case you think this is the work of a professional and wish to avail of holistic web design in Melbourne, get in touch with us at Make My Website. Our experts would be there at each step of your web development journey to guide you in the right direction.


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