Employee Vs Entrepreneur: Weighing Things Out

Many people are debating which is really the better career choice knowing that the times have already changed and we now have a lot of money-making opportunities aside from just having the traditional work lifestyle. Here, we are going to dive deeper into this issue and assess which is really better for you. Is it becoming an employee or becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur? Continue reading to know more.

Advantages Of Becoming An Employee

Stable Income

The first and biggest advantage of becoming an employee is that you earn a stable income. The money you earn is already fixed so you don’t have to worry if about not having enough financial capability to pay for bills, eat food, and buy the necessities in life. The stability in income is what makes many people who don’t want to risk things out want to become an employee.

Permanent Position

Another nice thing about becoming an employee is that you usually gain a permanent position. Nothing beats the peace of mind you get knowing that you are still going to have work in the next years to come.


Predictability is another thing that makes many people want to become employees. They know what to do every day especially if they already got the hang of things. They also know that there are already new ways to solve problems.

Disadvantages Of Being An Employee

Fixed Salary

Some people might see that the fixed salary employees get is nice because it is stable. Well, it is. But if you look at it from another perspective, this just means that you can’t earn more than what you deserve especially if you are working on more things and handling bigger responsibilities. Sooner or later, you are going to realize that you deserve to earn more.

Long Working Hours

You work for at least eight hours per day. It might be alright in the short run, but you’re going to be burned out in the long term. Not to mention the fact that you would not have enough time to spend with your family and other things that you enjoy such as taking care of your health like going to the gym, resting, or maybe playing the sport you like.

Limited Freedom

You would not have much freedom if you are an employee because you are under the supervision of the company, or more specifically, your boss. Limited freedom is what makes many people shy away from the life of becoming an employee.

What Makes Entrepreneurship Awesome

Unlimited Income

The sky is the limit if we are talking about the money you can make if you are an entrepreneur. You can even reach six figures in a single month if you are really into a lucrative industry or niche.

Flexible Working Hours

Work whenever you want. This is a very big thing that makes entrepreneurship appealing. Having flexible working hours means that you can still spend time with your family and do things you want aside from work. You can also expand your business, and in the process, your income, because you can learn new things and grab new opportunities during your free time.

Passive Income

Passive income is what we should all strive for. This means that instead of you working for money, it’s your money that’s working for you. Earn passive income so that you don’t have to stress yourself too much in making a living. And you can achieve this with entrepreneurship.

Bring Out Your Inner Creativity And Passion

And the best thing of all is that you can pursue your passion and become a more creative person in the process. All of these are possible because you have the money and the time needed to achieve a happier life.

Cons Of l Entrepreneurship

Required Initial Capital

In order for you to become a successful entrepreneur, you first need to have the financial capital so you can build your business and invest in things that will earn you passive income. You can’t have enough financial capital unless you saved money from a stable job during your earlier years. An example of this is if you want to start an industrial actuated valve business or source from a Chinese takeout box supplier because you need to have the initial funds to kickstart your business. You also need to have strong connections with a Zeolite supplier in India or other areas which have affordable but high-quality offerings.


Anything can happen if you are an entrepreneur. This means that you can not earn anything today, but earn big money tomorrow. Preparing for the unexpected is what you should always remember. This is especially true knowing that you won’t have a fixed income.


Concluding all of these, it is clear to say that entrepreneurship is way better than being an employee. Although there is a sense of unpredictability and risk, it’s all worth it, knowing that you can earn more and have more time with your family. Just weigh things out and be patient with yourself and your time will come.
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