Embroidered Jackets and Shirts

Embroidered Jackets and Shirts

Printing is not the only way to add decoration, detail or name to a garment of clothing like a shirt or jacket. Another great option for adding a company logo is to choose company shirt embroidery. Regardless of whether you are adding to promotional jackets, vests, coats, shirts, t-shirts or something else, embroidery works very well. Maybe you are part of a fishing team and want the same team patch embroidered on your waterproof jacket. Maybe you are wearing a uniform and each staff member needs their name stitched on their shirt. Maybe you want to have promotional jean jackets to award as a gift as part of a marketing campaign. There are a lot of possibilities so here is a closer look.

Exploring options

Here are some more ways embroidered jackets and shirts can be used.

  • Camo embroidery and patterns are becoming more popular on camo clothing on other types of clothing such as t-shirts, hats and other outerwear.
  • Denim jackets have a place in a lot of countries, they are a classic look and then you can add any embroidered patch, logo, name, or what you want or pair it with some shirt embroidery.
  • Fleece vests often worn for performing winter sports are another place embroidery can be used. It is not just sunny garments like t-shirts that can have printing or embroidery added. People where fleece vests over the top of other clothing to keep themselves warm but they can still move around and be active in them. This makes any promotional logo very visible while still offering you the insulation you need in cold weather.
  • Company shirt embroidery is a great way to add branding, names, positions to shirts for staff to wear as uniforms or company wear. You can also enjoy potential marketing from this as they wear their shirts when out to lunch or after work as they go about their business. People will see your logo or business name on those shirts and think of you when they need you.
  • You can also add embroidery even to outerwear in the form of leather coats and jackets.
  • Create corporate branded windbreakers for when you are all out on an adventure team-building event! If you are in a business where staff are often outside you might want to create work jackets for them so they are warm, comfortable and can work and be productive as they need.
  • High-visibility jackets can have embroidery on them promoting a brand or business as workers work outside.
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Whether you invest in jacket embroidery or shirt embroidery it is a great way to add images, brands, logos, labels and such to promote the business while serving other practical purposes. When you use high-quality clothing it will last longer and serve as a marketing tool for a much longer period of time. Give an employee a good shirt or jacket that looks good and is made well and they are more likely to wear it more often and the benefits continue.

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