Effective Alternatives to Chemical Drain Cleaners

Drain Cleaners

Do you often use chemical powders to unclog the drains in your kitchen or bathroom? Well, you are doing more damage than good for the drain pipes. Many times, pet hairs, paper products, oil, food waste and many other things enter the drain pipes and create disruptions in the water flow. Moreover, the problems like bacterial infections and property damage occur because of sewage backup. These days, the world is going green because it is the demand of the hour. You could get a brilliant result by using some alternatives to chemical drainage cleaning products. To know more about the effective options, you could read further: 

Plumber Snake

For unblocking drains, you could use a wonderful tool named a drain snake. It consists of a long and flexible cable. A spring or auger is connected at the end of the cable. Suppose you want to clean the drain in your kitchen. Simply, put this cable into the drain and push it until it reaches the blockage. At this point, you can turn on the tap and push the debris into the drain. Within a few minutes, the blockage would disappear and the water would flow smoothly. 

Enzyme Drain Cleaner

Do you know that regular use of harsh chemical drain cleaners could degrade the material of the drain pipes? That’s why the sewage cleaning Perth experts suggest avoiding the use of strong chemicals. These days, an amazing option for drain cleaning is evolving. A blend of enzymes and bacteria is used to eliminate the organic waste stuck inside the drain pipes. 

The enzyme drain cleaner is eco-friendly, health-friendly and safe for pipes. If you are looking for a safe option, then you can try the enzymatic drain cleaning product. 

Boiling Water 

Are you worried because the water is coming out of your kitchen drain? Try using boiling water. If the blockage in the kitchen drain is because of oils and grease particles, then it would be removed with help of hot water. This method does not require effort or money. So, it could be considered a good alternative to chemical drain cleaners. 

Salt, Borax and Vinegar

If there are minor blockages in the pipes, then you can make a DIY solution for unblocking drains. You could take equal proportions of salt, borax and vinegar. Just pour this mixture into the blocked drain. Lastly, you can use hot water to rinse off the drain. The ingredients used in this method are readily available at a pocket-friendly price. 

Baking Soda and Lemon Juice 

Blocked drains could impact daily activities. You can’t take shower or wash the utensils until the extraction of water is not done properly. You can make a DIY drain cleaner at home without using harsh chemicals. To make this organic cleaner, you have to mix one cup of lemon juice and one cup of baking soda. Pour the mix into the drain for a few minutes and allow the ingredients to break down the dirt particles. To push the filth further, you could pour boiling water into the drains. 

When to Hire Experts?

DIYs and organic cleaners could be great choices for drain cleaning. But, you should know where to seek help from experts. If the sewage backup has turned severe and hazardous to the property and health, then you should book sewage cleaning Perth service. Professional water restoration perth use a wide range of tools, products and machines to remove drain blockages. When the destruction done by sewage water is on a large scale, then only experts could handle the situation. Moreover, professional services are helpful for claiming insurance amounts. 


Use of strong chemicals is common for drainage cleaning. But, it has some side effects too. To prevent damage to the environment and drainage system, it is good to use organic and mechanical tools for removing the filth accumulated in the drains. Various alternatives to chemical cleaners are given in the blog. You can choose any one of them and stay stress-free. 


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