Easy Tips to Organize Your Storage Unit 

Organize Your Storage Unit 

Are you running out of space to store your stuff? It happens a lot more than most people would imagine. Self-storage facilities are the most obvious solution. Plenty of Dubai storage firms and companies let you rent space for this purpose. But unless you manage the available storage space correctly, you will likely be wasting space that you can store additional belongings in.  

Luckily, organizing a storage unit is not a complex process. With a little creativity and some changes to how you store stuff in it, you can get the most out of a self-storage service. Here are a few tips to help you get started.   

Keep a List of Items Stored  

The first step toward organizing your storage unit is to create an inventory of the items you have in it. This can help you keep track of what items you have at home and which ones you put in storage. With an accurate list, you will always know where to find something specific. This is usually more efficient than rummaging through the storage unit for something, only to discover you never put it in storage, to begin with. As you add or remove items from the unit, update the list accordingly.   

Use Clear Plastic Bins with Labels   

Cardboard boxes are cheap, easy to source, and make passable storage containers. But they are also flimsy and can offer an environment for pests to breed in. There’s also the problem with opacity since you can’t see what is inside a cardboard box unless you open it. Moreover, all such boxes typically look the same. Unless labeled correctly, this can be a huge waste of time.   

Using clear plastic bins can help make the system more efficient. Clear bins let you see right through them. They are also less prone to damage from water or pests. Not only can you see what is inside them without opening them, but you can count on the contents being relatively safe. Labeling the boxes correctly can make things even easier. All you have to do is locate the right bin. Plastic bins often have more tensile strength than cardboard as well. This means you can stack multiple bins without stressing about damaging them or the things inside them.   

Disassemble Items to Free Up Space  

It is easy to toss an old sofa or a small bed into a storage unit. But this usually takes up a lot of unnecessary space. However, disassembling large items like furniture or equipment can help you correct that issue. These belongings are held in place with screws, pegs, and nuts. With a few basic tools like screwdrivers or wrenches, you can easily take them apart and store them upright. A disassembled bed placed upright against a wall occupies far less space than a fully assembled one in the middle of a storage unit. This will open up more space for you to store other belongings as needed.   

Stack Boxes and Bins as High as Possible  

Making the maximum use of all space available in your storage unit is key to keeping it organized. Instead of haphazardly placing your bins and boxes all over the unit, try stacking them. If at all possible, stack as many containers as possible on top of each other. You can save a lot more space by stacking ten boxes on top of each other instead of spreading them out on the floor. This also makes it far easier to access the boxes or containers you need instead of hunting for them through a randomly sorted mess. Make sure the labels all face outwards so you can walk in and pick the item or box you need with little to no hassle.   

Make Sure Items You Need Are Within Reach   

When placing items inside storage, pay special attention to how accessible they are. An old rocking horse or a crib may not be something you need once your kids have grown up. So, you can safely assume it is not something you will need to use frequently.  

However, you may still need other items like tools, Christmas lights, and outdoor furniture more regularly. It makes a lot of sense to place the items you don’t expect to use very frequently at the rear of the storage space. Instead, put things that you do expect to see regular use at the front of the space. This saves you the trouble of moving stuff out of the way to find the things you actually want. The items or containers you need will already be accessible as soon as you enter the storage space.   


Storage spaces and facilities are a lifesaver. Especially in places like Dubai, where real estate and rental prices are fairly high. They let you declutter your home and still retain belongings that you don’t want to discard completely. However, you need to make the best use of each square foot in the storage space. Otherwise, you will be using the storage service very inefficiently. Remember to organize and label all your stuff and minimize wasted space.

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