Doctors That Every Woman Requires

Women’s healthcare requirements fluctuate throughout time. You may need many physicians. Primary care may involve numerous doctors. You may see a doctor only for gynecological treatment.

Prepare health questions for your medical appointment. Depending on your care, you should ask different questions.

Seeing A PCP

PCPs are many women’s main doctors. PCPs are mostly family or internists. They cure colds and infections. They also control diabetes, asthma, and hypertension. They’re your medical home. Your PCP stores your health history. Many primary care doctors can handle gynecology, depending on their training. Family doctors often practice gynecology and obstetrics.

Certain insurances need a PCP recommendation to see a specialist.

Primary Care Questions

You may ask your PCP:

  • How can I enhance my health?
  • Does my family’s health affect me?
  • Do I risk chronic diseases?
  • What screenings do I need?
  • What exams do I need next year?
  • Should I be vaccinated?
  • Do I need antibiotics?


Gynecologists specialize in women’s reproductive organs. Your gynecologist may also do a Pap smear or pelvic exam. Pap smears aren’t required until age 21. First visits for reproductive health check general health and address questions about changing bodies. Depending on their training, gynecologists may be PCPs.

Gynecologist Questions

Ask your gynecologist about:

  • When should I get a Pap smear?
  • When should I have a pelvic exam?
  • What birth control should I use?
  • Should I get STD screenings?
  • My menstruation is painful. Help?
  • I’ve begun spotting. Meaning?

Obstetrician Visit

Obstetricians are pregnancy and childbirth specialists. Obstetricians are usually gynecologists. Obstetricians exclusively treat pregnant women. Obstetricians help you during pregnancy. They’ll manage pregnancy difficulties. Like Lifeline Medical Associates

Ob/GYN Questions

Questions To Ask Your Obstetrician:

  • When do I start prenatal vitamins?
  • When should I get prenatal care?
  • Am I high-risk pregnant?
  • Should I gain weight during pregnancy?
  • What shouldn’t I consume when pregnant?
  • When should I deliver?
  • Vaginal or cesarean?
  • Can I give birth vaginally after a C-section?
  • Should I use a birthing center?


Dermatologists treat skin disorders. Dermatologists treat hair and nail disorders. A dermatologist can treat:

  • acne
  • eczema
  • rosacea
  • psoriasis
  • wrinkles

Your dermatologist can do a full-body mole examination. This will help them spot melanoma early.

Dermatologist Questions

Ask your dermatologist:

  • Should I check my skin?
  • How can I prevent sunburn?
  • What about moles?
  • I get rashes often. What should I do?
  • Dry skin. Can you help?
  • How often should I inspect a mole?
  • What’s the greatest skin treatment?

Eye Doctors

An ophthalmologist treats the eyes and associated components. Ophthalmologists treat surgical eye problems. Regular eye exams and prescription lenses are available from an ophthalmologist.

Optometrists provide eye and vision treatment. Optometrists are O.D.s, not M.D.s. Optometrists are eye doctors. Vision may be examined yearly. Optometrists usually recommend corrective eyeglasses.

Ophthalmologist Questions

Eye expert questions include:

  • How frequently should my vision be checked?
  • Should I get glaucoma tested?
  • What are some eye symptoms?
  • Eye floaters. Dangerous?
  • Can my eyes be protected?
  • Bifocals?


Dentists care for your teeth and oral health. Oral health affects overall health. Six-month dental cleanings and exams are recommended.

Dental Questions

You may ask your dentist:

  • Should I have more cleanings?
  • How can I enhance my teeth?
  • Screen for oral cancer and HPV?
  • Should I undergo oral cancer screening?
  • Do tooth whiteners work?
  • Are cavities preventable?


Your healthcare staff is there to help you live a healthy life. Use your doctor’s resources to make short- and long-term health decisions.

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