Do You Know the Difference Between Level 1 and Level 2 EV Chargers?

Whether you already drive an electric car (EV) or are considering getting one soon, the charging process is what most drivers are most worried about. Buying an EV is not worthwhile if it is taking too long time to charge or in case it cannot receive a consistent charge, regardless of the advantages of owning an eco-friendly car or how much money may be saved by not using gas.

The normal Level 1 charger, which typically comes along with the car can be replaced with a customized Level 2 charger for alleviating this risk. You can buy a portable ev charger Australia for your EV from a company called Jucer which offers a range of EV charging products meant for your EVs.

Comparing level 1 and 2 chargers

When comparing Level 1 and 2 charging stations, keep the following things in mind:

  1. Charging time

With a standard electrical plug socket at home or at your work, it could take a maximum of 25 hours for charging fully a vehicle with a battery capacity of 100 miles on the level 1 charging method. The Homes’ level 1 mode of charging primarily uses the same output.

In contrast, a car with a battery capacity of 100 miles might be fully charged in as little as 4-5 hours using a level 2 mode of charging.

  1. Price

New electric vehicles frequently come with Level 1 type of chargers. There are therefore no additional fee for you.

The average cost of any level 2 charger is about $500 to $1,000. Although it requires a substantial investment, as we saw above, charging an EV at a Level 2 station is about 5 times faster than at any Level 1 station.

  1. Installation

Units for level 1 charging mode only need to be connected into a standard home socket, thus no special installation is necessary. They provide the flexibility of low-cost installation and are simple to set up and use at home.

However, if you are unfamiliar with electrical equipment, the level 2 type charging method at home needs to be installed correctly. You have the option of doing the installation yourself or by hiring professionals.

  1. Mobility

The ability to use Level 1 type chargers whenever and also wherever you choose is a benefit. This is quite practical. Level 2 devices cannot be transported around, in contrast to Level 1 type of charging stations, and are wall-mounted instead.

Another alternative is to utilize a portable device that may charge up to three times more quickly than any Level 1 charging station, however, more slowly than any Level 2 charger, which can also fit in the trunk of the car and be taken with you everywhere you go.

  1. Security

Both Level 1 and 2 charging stations come with a certain safety switch during manufacturing. Weatherproof and specifically made to shield both humans and vehicles from electric sparks or shocks, electric car chargers

It depends on your car and what you require from a charging station. You should think about location, how much you drive, and how long it takes to charge.

It depends on your car and what you require from a charging station. You should think about location, how much you drive, and how long it takes to charge.

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