Do Supplements Battle Stress?

Do Supplements Battle Stress?

It is not a mystery that many people battle stress every day. The ups and downs of life, from family and work issues to relationships and health issues all add to cause stress and anxiety. Even when you are not actively conscious of it, it may lay just below the surface, simmering and accumulating. In other words, it is an accepted part of life.

When the stress hormones become elevated, there is a risk of inflammation, high blood pressure, reduced immunity, stroke, and even cardiac arrest. That means an elevated level of stress has the potential to cause someone to drop dead in a heartbeat. You can read more in this article about its effects on general health.

Fortunately, there are several ways of combatting the issue, which include having good sleeping habits, taking vacations, exercising, seeing a therapist, among other things. But one tool for relieving it that many people are not familiar with is supplements. They have dozens of benefits, some of which are lowering the stress level and battling anxiety. They also help with depression, insomnia, and other mental issues.

Before adding any supplement to your routine, you should have a consultation with your doctor. The reason is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate it as they do other drugs. Therefore, there is usually no approved list of benefits, contraindications, and side effects.

Supplements that May Help with Stress

The following are some supplements that have shown promising signs in battling stress and anxiety:

●     Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that is necessary for overall health. The human body uses it to synthesize bone and protein and regulate the function of muscles and nerves. A review also shows that some studies carried out on the mineral have promising results that it can help with mild stress. You can click here: for more on this.

You will find magnesium in leafy-green vegetables, whole grains, nuts, some cereals, legumes, and some other foods. However, not everyone gets enough of it as the body needs. Therefore, it is imperative to boost the supply of the mineral to the body with pills.

●     Lemon Balm

It is an herb that smells like lemons. It calms and mildly sedates, and is currently undergoing research for possible stress-battling properties. The good part is that the FDA generally acknowledges it as safe.

Using the herb may improve the quality of sleep you get while reducing stress levels. It is typically steeped in hot water to make tea, so you can use it in this manner and drink it a couple of times every day. However, some supplements have lemon balm; you may want to try taking those for your health.

●     L-theanine

It is an amino acid that typically occurs in green tea. Getting a certain amount of the compound in a day has shown signs of improving different symptoms related to stress such as lack of sleep, anxiety, and depression. The amino acid has a calming effect when you take the correct dosage daily.

Taking a cup of tea, whether white, black, oolong or green, delivers a good amount of the amino acid. But there are supplements that also contain L-theanine. So you have different options for sources of the compound.

●     Rhodiola

This plant may not be popular because it does not commonly grow in the country. However, it has proven effective in battling anxiety and providing much-needed relief. It may effectively treat its symptoms and combat chronic stress with all its complications. You will find it as part of the ingredients in some supplements, but you can also take it as a powder or liquid extract.

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●     Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen and this means the root is capable of regulating the effects of stress on your body while resisting diseases. Many brands that specialize in CBD products use it as an active ingredient in some of their products. Check out this resource from Cheefbotanicals to learn more about CBD products and how they help combat stress.

It is a popular Indian ginseng and has undergone several studies to prove its effectiveness. While there are some promising results, there is a need for more research to be carried out to show all its attributes. If you are going to use this ginseng, you may want to take it as a capsule or pill. This is because although it is available as a powder that you can add to drinks, it is bitter and needs a sweetener.

●     Melatonin

It is a hormone that the pineal gland makes and when it gets dark, the gland releases it. That way, it helps your body’s internal clock to stay on track to put you to sleep when due. One of the primary symptoms of stress is a lack of sleep. So, if you are able to get good hours of sleep, it may reduce your stress levels.

Melatonin is available as drops, capsules, or tablets. Check the dosage and administration so that you know how to take it safely. But bear in mind that not all the supplements provide the indicated dosage; some provide less than it says on the label.


An important reason to take supplements is to combat stress. There are prescription pills that work wonders in reducing the effects, but the right supplements are hardly ever harmful. However, if you are already on medications to handle the issue, it is best to let your doctor know before using any of the pills listed in this article or any other one. There may be contraindications harmful to health.

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