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China Pressure Gauge,

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A China Pressure Gauge manometer is a device that measures pressure on a fluid, such as air or water. Its design involves balancing a column of liquid between two parallel columns. One end of the manometer is connected to the place of measurement, while the other is open to the atmosphere. The most basic type of manometer is a U-tube, partially filled with manometric fluid. Various types of manometers exist, including hydraulic manometers and inclined manometers.

The two main types of manometers are liquid and solid. The former measures the difference in fluid level. Light liquids can measure small differences in pressure, while heavy liquids, such as mercury, can measure larger pressure differences. The indicating fluid has to be at least three times heavier than water to be accurate. In addition to water, manometers can also measure other liquids, including benzenes, oils, and pure mercury. Among these types, the liquid used in the manometer has different flash point and vapor pressure.

Bourdon tube

The Bourdon tube is used to measure pressure in a variety of applications. It is designed to measure pressure relative to the atmospheric pressure, and the motion of the tube’s non-clamped end indicates the pressure. Bourdon tubes are usually C-shaped, with an angular angle of about 250 degrees. They are suitable for measuring pressures of up to 60 bar. Higher-pressure Bourdon tubes have several superimposed windings with similar angular diameters and a spiral coil in one plane.

A Bourdon tube can be calibrated with the fluid to be measured and the calculated weight of that fluid. This method may be complicated, however, if the tube contains air. This air will prevent the tube from fully filling with fluid, leading to an incorrect fluid weight. During the calibration process, make sure the pressure gauge is calibrated using a calibrated test kit. If this process does not work, replace the Bourdon tube.

Digital pressure gauge

When you want to buy a digital China Pressure Gauge, you should look for a high-quality manufacturer with a good reputation. China digital pressure gauges can be found in various styles and prices. Many of them are highly accurate, with high-resolution LCD screens. Others are designed to be easy to use and install. You can also find pressure gauges that feature high-resolution, high-accuracy, and excellent repeatability.

Intelligent digital pressure gauges are battery-powered, which means that they are easy to use and are flexible to install. They use a high-precision piezoresistive pressure sensor to read the pressure. The sensor produces a digital signal after processing the signal with a low temperature drift amplifier. The gauge displays the actual pressure on an LCD display. As a result, these gauges are safe and reliable. However, they are expensive, so they are only suitable for large companies.



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