Customized Cardboard boxes with lamination and coating options


How many times have you received a package that was dull and faded in colors and themes and you started to think that you had just been scammed? You don’t need to worry, in this article we’ll discuss all the options you have for lamination and coating that you need to know before placing an order, so let’s start by taking a look at them.

A customer’s first impression of a product is its packaging. The packaging design and dimensions are also important to retailers and cosmetics sellers. Over 70% of consumers pay attention to packaging before buying a product. Costly products require every square inch of their packaging to be optimized. Even so, colors and design gradually faded. Moreover, the packaging loses its shine as a result of tearing impacts. This results in a loss of investment on the part of the clients.

Hence, packaging engineers have invented many different types of laminations and coatings to handle this issue. These coatings exist primarily to prevent damaging factors like humidity, temperature, discoloration, and friction from damaging packaging, as well as the inside surfaces of the products. Several coatings are discussed in various articles.

Coatings for packaging are classified into four main types:

  • Boxes coated with an aqueous solution
  • The boxes are UV-coated
  • Box packaging is laminated with a glossy finish

·         No-coating and varnish

Please read our other articles to learn more about each coating’s use and application purpose separately.

The Aqueous Coating for the customized Boxes:

The first type of coating is aqueous coating, as the name implies it is a water-based finish used after packaging is created. Aqueous-coated packaging is usually applied to food and household products. The coating is also eco-friendly and doesn’t cause any environmental damage. After the cardboard box has been coated with it, the design and printing on it last a long time because it is protected.

Customized boxes coated with UV:

A coating designed to reflect UV rays that can harm the product is another type of coating and UV coatings can be of two types.

  • UV coating that is matte.
  • UV coating that is glossy.
  • UV coating that is silky

Customers, however, are able to create custom cardboard boxes according to their specifications. In other words, it is also the customer’s decision whether a coating should be applied to the box.

Customized boxes coated with a glossy coating:

Its only purpose is to make the packaging appear glittery and shimmery. Gloss lamination is what creates mirror-like surfaces. When sunlight falls on this mirror-like surface, it reflects back a gleam. Glossy boxes with glossy lamination are used to pack most cosmetics and luxury products.

No-coating and varnish

Smaller budgets can also consider varnishes. Several types of clear ink exist It feels glossier, velvety, and matte. It’s fast, efficient, and it’s cheaper per unit. In addition, containers used for shipment and transit need not be adorned or coated, as these elements are not required.

It is important to provide long-lasting and attractive packaging by using coatings and laminations. These laminations can be used to enhance the look of packaging that needs to be more modern.  With custom cardboard packaging, you can place the order of custom boxes with logos, coating, lamination, or any else from the variety of options and get it delivered right to your door.

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