Custom Washi Tapes Used In Moving And Kid’s Bedrooms

Custom washi tape

Kids’ bedrooms and playrooms

Because Custom washi tape is colorful and you can remove it as your child’s interests change, it works well in a kids’ bedroom or playroom. Use it to outline a race track for toy cars or to make a hopscotch on the floor. You could also tape up artwork or decorate totes, bins and shelves. Needless to say, you can apply it to doors and window treatments in a kids’ or your teen’s room, too.

Another fun way to use Custom washi tape in your kids’ room is to create a growth chart. No need to worry about getting all of the marks off the wall when its time to move; just carefully remove the washi tape.

It’s really simple to make but uses up a lot of tape so it’s best suited to generic tapes that don’t cost too much.

I used a simple black and white striped washi tape for my ruffle as anything with a picture will get lost in the folds.

The ruffle is made in a very similar way to pleats on a skirt, except it’s more fun to make because you don’t need an iron and you don’t have to be as precise. You basically just keep folding the washi tape back on itself before laying the next little bit down.


One of the biggest advantages of decorating with Custom washi tape is you don’t have to worry about repainting walls when you move. You just gently remove the tape. If you’ve used washi tape to frame photographs on your walls, you don’t even have to worry about filling nail holes.

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Using custom washi tape as a border

Out of all the things you can do with washi tapes, using it as a border is probably the most popular, and for good reason too. It looks great and it’s super simple to do! You don’t always have to create a scrapbook border around the entirety of your page as smaller borders around photos and embellishments look just as amazing.

How to Make Custom Washi Tape With Paper Surgical Tape

  1. Tear about a 12-inch-long piece of wax paper off the roll and lay it on the counter with the waxy shiny side up.
  2. Lay the paper tape down on the wax paper and smooth your hand over it to make sure it adheres well. You don’t want any bubbles that ink or shoe polish can slip under, since that will compromise the glue on the tape.
  3. Fold the tape over to make a tab on one end. This will make it easier to pull your washi tape off the wax paper when you want to use it.
  4. Apply the liquid shoe polish to the tape and allow it to dry. I decided to use two colors on one strip for a bit of design interest.
  5. Once the polish is dry, it’s time to decorate. There are no design rules here. I used stamps and then splattered some gold, blue, and bronze watercolor paint over the stamps for this batch of tape.
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