Crypto Trading: A Beginner’s Guide To Day Trading

As a trader, you have various trading methods at your disposal. While some are good for short-term profits, others are ideal for long-term investments. On the other hand, day trading is a good option if you can make small amounts and get quick rewards. In terms of itself, day trading is not a novel concept. It has been present in financial markets for decades.

Day trading is highly adaptable because it allows you to trade a wide range of assets, including equities, foreign currency, and cryptocurrencies, among others. On the other hand, day trading with cryptocurrencies is not as simple as it appears.

On the other hand, many consumers are afraid to employ cutting-edge bitcoin trading software. Due to its extreme volatility, trading in the crypto market will always be challenging, especially for newbies with no prior trading experience. BitConnect – Bitcoin Robots have benefited both novice and experienced traders in comprehending the many types of trading robots available.

What Exactly Is Day Trading?

Day trading is a trading method in which positions are entered and exited on the same trading day. Because the trading takes place on the same day, this strategy is also known as intraday trading. Day traders seek to profit from price swings in a financial asset by employing intraday trading strategies.

The term “day trader” derives from the stock market, where trading can be bound to business days only. Day traders never leave positions open overnight in this scenario since they want to profit from intraday price changes.

A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading

Day trading is not a challenging idea to grasp. It is the form of commerce that takes place during the day and only during the day. You will have to transact the assets on a similar day (for a profit).

Compared to long-term trading, day trading requires the trader to concentrate on modest price swings. You cannot hold the asset overnight and expect it to increase in value the next day. Similarly, day trading will only be available on business days of the week. Like other types of trading, intraday trading necessitates a thorough grasp of the market.

The Most Common Day Trading Strategies


This trading method will concentrate on the minor price variations of a market asset. As a result, scalping necessitates the trader to sell the stocks as soon as possible. It is impossible to use the scalping trading strategy if you do not access real-time market data.

Trading in Ranges

The trader must define a price range in the market structure for this active investment approach. The trade will take place only inside this range, and the trader must continue the process until the asset is no longer within that range. The trader should thoroughly comprehend candlestick charts and momentum indicators to gain the best results from range trading.

HFT (High-Frequency Trading)

HFT, or high-frequency trading, is a trading approach that employs algorithms. HFT traders will develop algorithms and trading bots to watch the trade and invest assets. Because transactions happen in milliseconds, HFT has a more considerable earning potential. Building trading bots and algorithms, on the other hand, demands coding competence as well as market understanding.

Step-By-Step Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading

Beginners must follow the appropriate measures for bitcoin trading. But here are a few steps you may take to get your trading career started.

Step 1: Search for a Cryptocurrency Exchange.

For a novice, the initial step is to look for the best bitcoin exchanges. Some of the most well-known are:

·        Binance

·        Coinbase

·        Kraken

·        CoinDCX

·        Gemini, among many others.

You must open a cryptocurrency brokerage account. It will be similar to creating an account with a stock brokerage firm. Also, make sure to include all of the vital information.

Step 2: Add Money to Your Account

After you’ve made an account with one of the cryptocurrency exchanges, the following step is to fund it. Debit cards and wire transfers are accepted. You can quickly fund your digital wallet. Furthermore, wire transfer is one of the least expensive methods of funding your account. Wire transfers are free by cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase and Gemini

Step 3: Select a Cryptocurrency

Other cryptocurrencies are on the market, but most professional traders choose bitcoin and ethereum. It is because specific cryptocurrencies are more predictable than other tiny coins. However, altcoins have experienced a surge of nearly 1000 percent in just a month, making them a good option for trading.

Step 4: Select a Strategy

In bitcoin trading, deciding on a trading strategy is critical. As a result, you can earn significant returns in cryptocurrency trading by combining trading indicators with proper fundamental and technical analysis. However, if you are a newbie, it is recommended that you take a cryptocurrency trading school and become an expert. You can also venture into trying out legitimate Crypto trading Robots.

Step 5: Safely Keep Your Cryptocurrency

Finally, it is critical to keep your cryptocurrency in a secure location. You can do this by using a digital wallet, software, or hardware.

The Advantages of Day Trading

1.  For those rare individuals who can regulate their emotions and handle the inherent stresses of day trading, there are numerous advantages:

2.  Potentially Massive Profits. Effective day trades can be incredibly profitable and yield a speedy reward when done correctly.

3.  Independence. Many day traders are self-employed, meaning they work for themselves and report to no one. They are true entrepreneurs who live by their wits and, ideally, reap the rewards of their judgments.

4.  Euphoria. Few events can compare to the emotional high that comes with a significant profit gained simply through your efforts plus a bit of luck.

5.  Status. In certain places, day traders have almost mythical status, similar to the legendary “fast shooters” of the Old West – iconic outsiders who live by their own rules and make their way.


In the stock and cryptocurrency markets, day trading is a widespread trading practice. Day traders employ intraday trading tactics to profit from market volatility, and they rarely hold positions for more than one day.

Day traders analyze trade setups using technical analysis, chart patterns, and technical indicators. Scalping, range trading, and high-frequency trading are the most popular day trading tactics.

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