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Travelling should be your soul food if you create great travel videos. Many travellers follow this trend of creating travel videos. They then post them on their social media accounts and their YouTube channel for others to see and get inspired by their journeys. 

Well, it is a great idea to focus on different places worth exploring. But these travellers can neglect the travel video creation process. Millions of travel videos are online. So, it has become imperative to tweak content to inspire wanderlust while offering an authentic feel of the place to the viewers. 

Are you an avid traveller who looks forward to creating and publishing your travel stories online? 

Then, we recommend providing your viewers with some mind-blowing content. To create polished and engaging travel videos, you must focus on each creative aspect so that your videos stand out amongst the rest.

Creating Inspiring Travel Videos

Here are some best practices and tips that will help you curate magnificent travel videos every time.

  • Get inspired to inspire.

Presently, many travellers are doing exceptionally well with their travel videos on the various digital platforms that are easily accessible. It would be best to view similar content extensively before creating anything worth watching. 

Taking inspiration from forerunners is always advisable. So go ahead and watch some high ranking travel videos to observe and note hints and tips. After gathering your likes, dislikes, and observations, tweak your content and add your essence to your travel videos. 

When you take inspiration from such practices, you evolve yours over time. You get a fair idea about how to do more with your content to make it outshine.

  • Prepare.

It is essential to utilise your time correctly while travelling to make the most of your travel videos. 

Suppose you are indecisive about what to do and what not to do while at your destination. It wastes time and kills the fun factor. Therefore, ensure that your itinerary is ready and know the aspects you want to showcase. 

Another important thing you need to consider is storyboarding. The activity becomes easy when you envision your travel video in mind. So, be prepared with a narrative to shoot your video wisely. Your storyboard can be simple or detailed, describing the sequence of scenes. 

Additionally, you need to keep in mind the availability of natural light to get clear and crisp shots. Moreover, create a list of your footage and what is still required. When your storyboard is handy, it becomes simple to create a video sequence and showcase a story. 

  • Aim.

Keep the big picture in mind always; it works! 

So when you plan your trip, have a goal ready. Ask yourself:

  • What is the purpose of creating the travel video? 
  • Are you doing it to showcase your travel journey, make a travel guide, or broadcast your adventure trip as a documentary? 

Essentials like planning, filming, editing, and presenting will fall into place when you have a clear purpose in mind. That said, it is good to know that you will not always have an idea in your mind, which is okay! However, the final aim will widely contribute towards better outcomes.

  • Video length.

The video length matters on most social media platforms. If posting your travel video on the YouTube channel, the video length need not be a significant concern. However, when considering Facebook and Instagram, you must consider length as one of the primary factors.

For instance, you want to post your video on Instagram. Now, this social media platform is popular for short-video formats. But if you have much content to show, break your videos into parts or eliminate portions that seem redundant. 

Another great way is to post your travel video glimpses in a quick time-lapse format. Add a CTA to them, guiding your viewers to visit your YouTube channel or vlog to see the full-length video there.

  • Edit.

Your travel video can be a great hit if its editing is done right! Whether with the camera or using a mobile phone, editing is necessary no matter how you shoot your video. Raw footage seldom does well on social media sites, as others use editing techniques to get the best. 

A decent video editor tool is all you need to invest in when editing footage. An excellent online video editor means that it should be easy to use and feature several editing elements to make your video glamorous and attractive. 

There are various digital forums for online video editors, such as InVideo. Such tools are easy to use and feature endless pre-made templates and audio and visual effects. Also, the video editors come with easy tutorials, instructing on how to edit video online like a professional. 

Remember to use the storyboard to prevent missing vital shots when editing.

  • Use natural sounds.

Do you know the best way to add an essence of nature to your travel videos? 

Well, it is the incorporation of natural sounds. 

The videos with the sounds of nature will be a treat for anyone. Such sounds give an immense experience to your video while making the viewers feel as if they are present at a particular place. 

You can add the chirping of birds, gushing of wind or the sound of flowing water to make your video more fascinating. Besides, you can consider playing with the city sounds such as traffic sound, honking, etc., if you are showing some urban or populated place.

  • Subtitles.

When you post your videos on social media channels, they are accessed globally by people from different languages, nations, and backgrounds. 

Including subtitles in your videos can help break the language barrier, as people from other regions will understand your content. So, ensure to add subtitles to increase your video reach and make it more versatile. 


Travel videos are a great way to tell your travel story and share your travel learnings and experiences in the world with others. 

Using the above-given tips, create attractive travel videos to gain repeat viewers, subscribers, followers, and inspire wanderlust in others. Once you follow these practices, you will witness the difference in your content quality. 

So, go ahead and use these simple and doable tips to transform your travel videos. Win the hearts of your viewers with details and glimpses that arouse travel wanderlust. 

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