Covert Reasons to Seek Grief Counseling near me

When an individual is coping with grief, they might have some obvious symptoms such as mood alterations, loss of appetite, or even sudden bursts of anger. It is easier to treat the overt signs of grief as they are far more apparent. On the other hand, there are some Covert narcissist   signs which can impact an individual’s life if they are not treated professionally. The side effects of grief can last for a long time if they are not timely handled by a grief counselor.

It may be difficult to identify those symptoms unless you opt for grief counseling near me. Although the attitude towards grief can differ from person to person, there are a few things that can be concluded as the common denominator in most cases. Following are some of the subtle results of prolonged grief that can affect a young individual’s life in insidious ways and it is extremely important to seek grief counseling near me in these situations:


Brain Fog

One of the lasting effects of grief manifest as brain fog which renders it impossible for the individual to possess clarity. When it comes to making decisions about academic life, learning skills, and maintaining a career, brain fog can make it impossible to determine the right path. In addition to decision making, brain fog can generally clog a young individual’s mind to an extent that they may not be able to focus on their education and career at all. According to Lisa Shulman, MD, “traumatic loss is perceived as a threat to survival” which can trigger the fight or flight response.

A teenager who may have lost someone close to them might be unable to engage in their daily tasks if their brain is occupied with survival. Usually, they may show signs such as irritation or non-compatibility which may mean that their brain is stuck in the past. By looking for professional grief counseling near me they can start to recover from brain fog over time and start taking part in life enthusiastically. 


Sabotaging Connections

Another common sign of grief is the isolation of the grieved individual. It is quite normal to spend time in solitude while your brain is processing the traumatic events but it is equally essential to move on eventually. If bereaved individual completely starts to isolate themselves, does not spend time around friends or peers, and does not make new connections, they probably need help. Such people develop abandonment issues over time which may be the result of the fear that they will lose the person. Grief counseling near me can eradicate issues which arise due to a prolonged state of tragic loss. 

One of the reasons to provide support to bereaved youth is to counter suicidal thoughts. A study held by Pitman, Kind and et al. in 2020 states that people who lose a loved one are more likely to face suicidal thoughts if they are isolated and do not have a support system in place. Suicidal thoughts increase by 19% if the grieving individual spends time alone. To counter the loneliness, young people should be encouraged to spend time around their friends and peers. They may also benefit from group counseling where they can talk to and listen to others who are dealing with the same issues as them. 


Becoming Apathetic

Every human being fosters compassion for their family, friends, and humanity in general. All of us extend our kindness to people who may need help including strangers. This tendency towards others diminishes when we face loss as our brain starts focusing on our survival. Like other symptoms, our apathy towards life fades away but some may struggle harder than others. Young people can be especially vulnerable to this type of emotion. If they have lost a parent or a friend to death, they may lose their faith in humanity overall. 

The long-lasting results of apathy include selfishness, melancholy, and failure. Moreover, young people may even lose faith in their actions. They might fail to see what is important to them in life. Grief counseling near me can be used to recondition this thought process before it becomes contagious. A professional counselor can bring you around the idea of learning to trust the world again. 



Escapism is not always demonstrated by the most obvious means. Some people are rather good at hiding their negative coping mechanisms which they may not be aware of, to begin with. A grief-stricken individual may escape situations by indulging in nicotine, drugs, or alcohol consumption. These are some of the more obvious ways through which you can determine if the person needs help and support. On the other hand, Covert narcissist escapism can manifest in generally sabotaging opportunities and friends.

Some teenagers may be deterred from their academic goals even if they were high achievers before the trauma. Others might completely abandon their friends to spend a toxic amount of time on their own. Some individuals may start spending too much time outside so they do not have to cope with overwhelming emotions. Some might spend too much money as a form of dealing with stress. All of these forms of escapism can be addressed with help of grief counseling near me. 


Maladaptive Daydreaming

This is a common phenomenon among kids who suffer from PTSD. However, any individual can develop maladaptive daydreaming at any age when they become determined to avoid their emotions. Generally, someone suffering from grief may imagine themselves saving the person they have lost or imagine the pain in vivid detail. It can overwhelm their nervous system and annihilate their ability to move on from the loss.

If it remains unacknowledged, the person’s life may suffer in the long run. They might lose touch with reality and become obsessed with the past. Grief counseling near me can help them recover from maladaptive daydreaming by helping them verbally express their emotions. It is important to ensure that the bereaved individual does not merely live in their head. Research published by PMC indicates that some forms of maladaptive daydreaming could be “excessive book-reading, watching films, or gaming” all of which are used compulsively to replace normal human experience. However, young people may not realize that they are using these methods to escape from the reality or pain which they have suffered from the trauma after grief. They must search for grief counseling near me services.

An important thing to recognize is that someone who is dealing with Covert narcissist behavior prolonged grief requires professional guidance of grief counseling near me. They need the assistance of someone who can break down the ongoing pattern which is hindering the affected person’s life. People around them can indeed make a huge difference when it comes to recovering from the side effects. Their parents and friends can create a safe space for them to express how they feel. However, a professional counselor working in grief counseling near me can put an end to their suffering by distinguishing the hidden characteristics of grief and bereavement. 

Bottom Line

Grief counseling near me can help the individual to start focusing on their life and letting go of negative patterns. Furthermore, with help of a counselor, they can soothe their dysregulated nervous system which is the reason they turn towards escapism and maladaptive daydreaming, etc. An integral fact to remember when it comes to healing from grief is that it is possible to recover from the symptoms for everyone as long as they are provided a balanced support system.  For more information visit here

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