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Kia Carens vs Hyundai Alcazar Comparison Review_ Which One is the Better Family Car_

Hyundai is an evergreen car seller in the market, running its company for years. However, Kia, which has recently come up in India, got a huge fandom due to the better quality cars engineered. But, when it comes to choosing a family car, several perspectives are seen, like Safety, space and lots more. However, some models of tough competition exist, yet the Kia Carens and Hyundai Alcazar are giving a cut-throat competition to each other. Both are leading companies, having spacious and modern interiors and top-notch quality designs.

Such ideas and visions intersected, leading to similar designs. However, functionalities differ, and so does the price. Comparing the price of Kia Carens vs Hyundai Alcazar, the Carens is priced at INR 9.59 lacs while Alcazar is priced at INR 16.34 lacs. Both the car’s prices differ by 6.75 lac.

Yes, not in hundreds or thousands but lacs! So, let’s check out the reason for such a huge variation.

Well, Kia Carens have 15.7 kmpl mileage, while Hyundai Alcazar provides 14.5 kmpl mileage. Kia is better when it comes to mileage.

Quick Compare Carens vs Alcazar

Well, if you’re low on budget, then you can purchase any of the given cars on EMI. Caren’s EMI costs around INR 17,916 per month. While Alcazar is an expensive deal, its EMI would cost you INR 30,890 per month. Besides, if you want better customer satisfaction in the case of cars and handsome deals, you should buy from droom cars. It ranks amongst the leading car sellers in the e-commerce sector.

Comparison Between Kia Carens vs Hyundai Alcazar Specifications

For effective comparison, we need to compare the two cars in several parameters that are listed below:

Engine and Transmission

Carens is equipped with a 1497 cc engine, while Alcazar has a 1999 cc engine. When it comes to mileage, Carens is better than Alcazar However, checking upon power, the Alcazar stands firm. Both of them have 4 Cylinders Inline and 4 Valves. The Carens give a ground clearance of 195 mm while Alcazar delivers 200 mm ground clearance.

Kia has a Smartstream G 1.5 engine type, while Hyundai has a 2.0L Petrol MPi engine. Each of them has a Petrol-type fuel. Carens has a maximum power of 113 bhp @6300 rpm, while Alcazar gives a power of 157 bhp @6500 rpm. They deliver 144 Nm @ 4500 rpm and 191 Nm @ 4500 rpm torque, respectively. Kia and Hyundai have FWD Drivetrain, yet their Driving Ranges show variations as Carens have a driving range of 707 km while Alcazar drives to 725 km.

The cars have a manual transmission type and are equipped with 6 gears. The good part is that both have a BS-VI Engine Emission Standard as per compliance with the GOI rules for vehicles to lower pollution.


Each car has 5 doors, yet they can accommodate seven people at once, including the driver. Both the vehicles have 3 seating rows, yet Kia has a boot space of 216 Liters while Alcazar has a boot space of 180 Liters. Talking about their fuel tank capacities, Carens has a Capacity of 45 Liters whereas Alcazar has a 50 Liters capacity.

Other Specs


Specs Type : Kia Carens Hyundai Alcazar
Car Dimensions (L×W×H): 4540×1800×1708 mm 4500×1790×1675 mm
Wheel Base: 2780 mm 2760 mm
Ground Clearance: 195 mm 200 mm

Difference between Kia Carens and Hyundai Alcazar Features

When it comes to comparing the difference between the two, several parameters need to be considered. But, when it comes to a family car, safety, locks and security, and a lot more need to be considered.


Rash driving is dangerous not only for you but also for the pedestrians and other vehicles around you. However, when it comes to family, you need to be more cautious about your speed. Therefore, Carens and Alcazar are equipped with equally powerful Overspeed warning features. Yes, each gives 1 beep over 80kmph and continuous beeps over 120kmph. When comparing the Airbags, the Kia has a better deal for you as it is equipped with 6 airbags while Alcazar has only 2 Airbags. It will not be wrong to say that Kia is safer for your family than Alcazar. However, Carens does not have an Emergency Brake Light flashing system, while Alcazar has one.

Yet, both share some similarities in terms of safety. Both cars have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, Child Seat Anchor Points, and both give Seat belt warnings.

Locks and Security

Each of the cars is equipped with an engine immobiliser. However, Kia has a key equipped central locking system while Alcazar has a keyless locking system. The good part is that both are equipped with speed sensing door locks and child safety locks.

Comfort and Convenience

When it comes to Convenience, the Alcazar has an app operated telematics system while Carens does not. In terms of air comfort, Kia has a manual airconditioner while Hyundai has an automatic climate control technology.


Choosing a car may be difficult, but when comparing your budget, seating capacity, locks, security, comfort and convenience, you get more clarity about which car is better for your family. Besides, looks play an important role, so you need to decide on a perfect colour that your family loves!

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