Coming Up With A Good Resume

Good Resume

Making a resume can be tricky and could get on your nerves when you don’t know what to write or think about. It is at this point you could just search the internet and look for a resume builder and try to come up with something good. There are many things that you need to think about if you strive to come up with a good resume that your employers might like. These 10 tips are going to help you make a resume that will give you enough confidence in yourself.

Before reading our tips on how to write a resume, you should be positive about the chosen job that you are going to work under for as long as you want to. Being unsure about the job that you’re applying for has its downfall as it would not look good on your work history. Being in several jobs that didn’t last well might give you that suspicious vibe and might cost you the next job you’re applying to.

  1. Stick to One Page

The hiring manager usually doesn’t read up your resume that long and there could be a good chance that if you had a second page, they wouldn’t read it. It is important to take note that keeping it short is the best way to go since they take at least 6 seconds to read up the resume. Keep in mind the main topic of your resume, talk about yourself and your achievements, but not too much as it might get quite boring to read.

  1. Stay Away from First Person Pronouns

It is best to not use pronouns like “I” and “me” in your resume as it could sound unprofessional. The employer doesn’t care if you are the one who made the achievement, as long as the achievement’s presence is there they will know you’ve done it. It also helps in keeping your resume as short as possible.

  1. Having an Easy-to-Read Resume

You need to make sure that it isn’t that small for employers to have difficulty in reading. Keeping it in a font that is higher than 10 is a must as this can still be readable. Avoid getting the font smaller just to fit your whole resume on one page as it could result in it being illegible to read. Please proofread and make sure that your resume is free from typographical errors too. Having a very high attention to detail is a must when creating your resume.

  1. Organization and Visual Appearance

Keeping your resume organized and having it labeled well is what employers like seeing. Each section should be bolded and/or capitalized as it could make it clear to readers that this is the area they’re looking for.

  1. Avoid Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Make sure you proofread, reread, and review your resume before sending it out to be read by your employer. It should be perfect as it could greatly affect what the reader thinks about your resume. Don’t let spelling and grammatical errors affect your job interview as it is as painful as you think it is.

  1. Keep it short

As mentioned before, it is important to keep your resume short. You don’t have to list down everything you’ve done in the past, especially your work history, your education, and your achievements. Stick to the main topic and every word should have its purpose.

  1. Saving it as a PDF

If you save your resume as a PDF, it makes it look more organized and it wouldn’t affect the appearance of your work as it saves it as an image. Unlike saving it with Microsoft Word or Google Documents, it wouldn’t change what your resume would look like. This makes emailing your resume much less inconvenient for both parties. 

  1. Sending it with the correct filename

Of course, saving it as a pdf helps by keeping the resume intact, you need to name the file correctly. The usual filename would be “Firstname_Lastname_Resume.pdf” and this is important so that your employers could keep track of who you are and what the purpose of the resume is.


With these tips, writing a resume should be easy for you. By now, you should have a crisp idea of what to expect when you’re writing a resume to please your bosses. Always keep in mind that it is important to not make your resume too long because not all of them have time to finish off everything on your resume. Don’t panic whenever you’re writing a resume and follow these basic steps, if you do, there shouldn’t be any problem.

By Michael Caine

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