Cleaning Guide of HVAC Companies in Pakistan

HVAC Companies in Pakistan

Cleaning the HVAC Companies in Pakistan of a commercial building is essential to the operation of the machine. This section explains why preventative maintenance is need to keep these files clean.

Dirty Dust waste energy and costs

HVAC Companies in Pakistan that are contaminate with dirt and grime do not transfer heat properly and therefore consume more energy. Equipment with a dirty HVAC consumes up to 37% more energy than a clean dust. In addition, you can reduce the cooling capacity of dirty systems by up to 30%. Dirty heating, ventilation and air conditioner are increase operating pressure and temperature, destroy compressor lubrication and cause equipment damage. 

Commercial HVAC cleaning frequency

A file cleanup program should be run when the new file is clean and should run frequently to prevent file corruption. This can be done up to 4 times a year. (Monthly cleaning reports are available in some areas.) If not, install an open, accessible panel to access the file. This makes the job much easier and more likely to be done when the file needs cleaning.

How to clean a commercially available HVAC file

When the HVAC is dirty with a small amount of dirt that does not stick to the dust or fins. It may be sufficient to blow low pressure air into the fins or use a soft brush. Apply plain water or a mild detergent to the surface and let it sit for a while. In some cases, stains more severe than laundry require the use of a stronger detergent or solvent as need.

The HVAC Companies in Pakistan can be wash with steam, but with special care. Low pressure steam require. The current is parallel to the fins to prevent them from collapsing.

Another common way to clean the air conditioner is to use a garden pump spray to apply foaming chemicals to the surface of the air conditioner. Saturate the fins, leaving bubbles on the surface. Empty the foam and repeat the process. Finally, the HVAC Companies in Pakistan are wash with clean water from the hose.

Most Cleaning Methods

Perhaps the most popular cleaning method in recent years has been the use of high pressure washers to clean air conditioners. The pressure washer may increase. High molecular weight organic dust (MOD) in the air. It should be in the cleaning area. The pressure washer must be operate in the opposite direction of the air flow through the air conditioner. The high pressure washer can be apply using the chemical spray system built into the high pressure washer or hand sprayer. 

When using a pressure washer, care must be taken not to damage the hose fins. The water that comes out should be free of particles.

If not, repeat this process. HVAC Companies in Pakistan offer a full line of Air conditioner cleaners. HVAC Services is a two-wheel self-propel cart with an integrate water tank and chemical tank. It can be power from the building or on a built-in rechargeable battery, carry 5 gallons of water, or be connect to the building’s water supply for continuous operation. Uses one of the four available nozzles to deliver up to 140 psi of current at 1 GPM. With built-in battery and water/chemical tank, it can be use anywhere. Additional versions include the CC-600 AC power supply. Provides up to 600 PSI at 1.6 GPM for thick files. CC-100 backpack  cleaning unit for excellent portability. These products are enthusiastically purchase by maintenance professionals. And it’s a really important advancement in cleaning over time.

Don’t forget the condensate pot

The air flowing through the evaporator consists of condense water vapor and accumulates in the pan below the call the condenser pan. The pan is connect to the drain and is generally wet to prevent the pan from overflowing and damaging the air handler and other building structures. Microorganisms can colonize the condensate can. Cleaning the condensation tray and checking for proper drainage is an important part of the process of cleaning the.

To help prevent the growth of these creatures. The container must be treat while the biocide is being clean. Kimmco Insulation Pakistan from HVAC Companies in Pakistan is one example. Pan Care is prescribe to prevent the buildup of mucus and harmful bacteria in the condensate canister. It kills 99% of Legionella, Pneumonia and Salmonella bacteria. Contains anti-rust material. This acid rain conditioner lasts up to 3 months and weighs 3-5 tons.

By Arslan Shah

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