Checking Into a Halfway House in California-Are You Ready For It?

Now that you are all set to walk out of the rehab, you need to find a halfway house in California to check into next. We all know of halfway houses but they may not be the right place for every recovering cocaine addict.

Some addicts who have families to support them can find more solace and strength at home. But if you have no home to return to, neither any supportive friends nor family members, a halfway house is the best option.

How halfway houses in California can help you overcome cocaine addiction:

Halfway houses are meant to help you transition to a life away from drugs. You will find people coming to these transitional homes from different places. So, you get inmates from prisons, substance abuse treatment facilities, and homeless shelters.

The rules of a halfway house are important for the residents because it teaches them the values of discipline. Regular drug tests inside the house ensure you abstain from cocaine use. 

These facilities are usually supervised by a house manager and staff who have been past addicts themselves. They know how challenging the recovery process can be and what can trigger a relapse for these recovering addicts.

Is a halfway house the right decision for you-are you ready for it?

Just because addicts typically move into halfway houses after rehab doesn’t mean you have to do the same. You need to see whether this decision is right for you. The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs states that when a person lacks a stable drug-free environment, it can be a major obstacle to continued abstinence.

A destructive environment will derail the recovery process even when the individual is highly motivated. This tells you how important the role of a halfway house can be in your recovery journey.

You need to evaluate your situation to see what the right course of action post-rehab is. Rehab will do the initial hard work, but once this is over, you are on your own. There is usually no aftercare plan unless you have a halfway house in mind.

Treatment at the rehab is to help people go back to a productive life with their family and in one’s original workplace and community. But one cannot ignore the possibility of a relapse. 

So, if you have struggled in the past with chronic relapses prior to treatment, you may find a halfway house a good option. This facility will hold you accountable for your actions. They will also give you a secure environment free from triggers and temptations.

If you have not been able to work in the past because of your addiction problems, a halfway house may be good for you. It will teach you responsibilities like looking for a job, doing chores, and paying rent. The community support you get here from people battling similar issues can be comforting.

Find a halfway house near you for its routine and structure without which you cannot hope to stay sober. It’s the best follow-up treatment plan when you lack solid support at home. 

Old habits die hard, and if you are unsure about sticking to sobriety goals, you need a place like the halfway house. You will have people around you to motivate you to stay on track with your goals. You learn better social interaction skills and life skills. All this helps you to transition to a normal social life.


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