Check Out These 7 Enthralling Online Block Games To Stay Engaged

Check Out These 7 Enthralling Online Block Games To Stay Engaged

Looking for exciting block games to play online or on your PC? Block puzzle games are highly addictive and entertaining. They give your brain a mental workout and keep you occupied for hours. It is a challenge to beat real-life online opponents and your high score. You can even participate in tournaments on some platforms or apps to earn money.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of popular online block games you need to play.

  • Lumines: Remastered

Lumines: Remastered is described as a music-based block puzzle game. The game resembles Tetris, and the objective is to align the sundry colored blocks to form clusters. Once the timeline passes, the clusters will clear.

When rows are cleared, you’ll see new instruments being added, and they even get layered on the musical tracks being played. The difficulty level dramatically varies as the song impacts the timeline’s behavior.

  • Block Puzzle

If you want to play classic Tetris with a twist, Block Puzzle is for you. The game features a grid-like game board where you need to fit the block pieces appearing on the bottom of your screen. Three more block pieces will appear once you’ve placed the pieces and the game continues.

In the online version of the game, you can choose between 1V1 and 1VN game modes. Competing with online players is a huge challenge, and the game even features a countdown timer. You can participate in tournaments to earn money.

The game sessions last for about three to five minutes. Therefore, you can get your Block Puzzle fix whenever you want.

  • Dream of Pixels

Dream of Pixels is an iOS game that is quite familiar to Tetris and other classic block puzzle games. The game is filled with puzzle blocks, and it challenges players to match the blocks together to remove lines.

The game is unique as players are allowed to create their original shapes. Then, they can drop them into the box and match it with others.

  • 1010 Block Puzzle Mania

1010 Block Puzzle Mania features straightforward gameplay, and there are blocks set on a game board. Players need to manipulate the orientation of the blocks and solve the puzzle. It would be best if you fit the blocks into various slots.

While the blocks don’t fall on the board, you need to find a place for the blocks on the board manually. The objective is to complete the board in its entirety. If there’s not enough space, the game is over for you.

The game is a refreshing take on block puzzle games. The game’s core is solving the puzzle and having fun while at it.

  • Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz is another fantastic puzzle game based on matching tiles. It takes some influence from Tetris and other block puzzle games. Players need to match groups of blocks or gems by switching them, ensuring they color-match. The lines will get cleared as the colors are matched, and you’ll score points. You can even try to create combos to score higher points and beat your score.

The game is challenging because you need to clear entire lines of gems or blocks within a limited number of moves. There’s a set limit, and if you cannot make as many matches as possible, you’ll lose.

Bejeweled Blitz is less stressful than the fast-paced block puzzle games because there isn’t a countdown timer breathing down your neck.

  • Woodoku

The combination of sudoku grids and block puzzle games gave birth to Woodoku. It is a woodblock puzzle game that is relatively straightforward but challenging. Players need to place the blocks on a 9X9 grid and fill rows, squares, or columns to clear them. You can play for as long as you want, but the game is over if you run out of space to place blocks.

The game’s controls are simple. You need to drag the shapes onto the board and place them inside the grid. It would help if you filled squares, columns, or rows on the board to clear them and score points. You can even score combo points by clearing multiple lines. You’ll get streak points if you can clear blocks on each turn.

The game is playable offline, and you can install it on your device. The gameplay is stress-free because there isn’t a time limit. You can take your sweet time to solve the puzzle.

  • Sudoku Blocks: Brain Puzzles

If you love playing sudoku and block puzzle games, you’ll love Sudoku Blocks. The game combines the best of both worlds and offers players an addictive puzzle to solve.

It would help if you moved blocks onto a 9X9 grid, and the objective is to clear the board by creating complete rows. You can also create 3X3 sudoku boxes and clear them. You can even get a combo if you can match several items at once.

The Bottom Line

Block games are highly entertaining, and they can stimulate your mental and cognitive abilities. These puzzle games are known for calming the mind and helping players make calculative, informed decisions. The more you solve these puzzle games, the better you will get at solving problems, and the lesson can be implemented to deal with real-world situations and problems.

So, choose your block game and install it on your device. Get ready to have fun while sitting at the comfort of your couch!

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