Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification Cost, Training, and Value

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We live in a digital era where keeping our data and information safe from hackers is a primary task. An enormous amount of data is being generated worldwide on a daily basis. Almost all organizations are facing the threat of cyber-attacks or damage to valuables. Here comes the vital role of ethical hacking and certified ethical hackers who are keeping the data/information and valuable digital assets safe from malicious attacks. So Ethical hacking is becoming very important as it enhances the security of the system or a network by fixing the weak points and vulnerabilities that were identified during the testing process.

Ethical hacking is useful as it helps organizations secure their systems/networks/data from any security breach. In this process, ethical hackers use several hacking tools and strategies to test the security measures in a safe, legal, and controlled environment. To identify the system vulnerabilities and improve the security systems, these ethical hackers implement the same tools and techniques that malicious hackers use, but they use them with legal permission from an authorized entity. Therefore there is a high demand for certified ethical hackers who have pursued CEH online training from any reputed provider.

This article is all about the details of CEH certification that a candidate must know about.

What is ethical hacking?

Ethical hacking is known as a security process that involves authorized attempts to gain access to a computer system, data, or application. This process involves detecting threats and vulnerabilities that attackers can use to exploit valuable information and data of any organization. Ethical hacking is also known as Penetration hacking which implements a secure network that can prevent security breaches.

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In today’s digital world, almost every organization, government agency, or business constantly needs ethical hackers to face the growing threat to IT security. So several professionals, government agencies, and corporations now understand the value of ethical hacking to protect a system. Here ethical hackers try to gain the trust of investors and customers by ensuring the security and safety of their data and products.

The mission of ethical hacking is the opposite of malicious hacking, which can improve an organization’s security posture along with the prior approval from the owner of the IT asset. This process stays legal and can define/determine the scope of the assessment so that all the security processes remain legal and within the organization’s approved boundaries.

In the ethical hacking process, ethical hackers use their knowledge, tools, and technologies to look for vulnerabilities that can lead to a security breach. They also make final reposts and provide remediation advice.

Certified Ethical Hackers

In simple words, Certified ethical hackers are professional hackers who have gained Ethical Hacking training and certification course.

CEH Certifications- Several ethical hacking certification courses are available that can help you begin your journey. These certifications can teach you the advanced commercial-grade hacking tools, methodologies, and techniques used by hackers and information security professionals to hack an organization legally. CEH certifications can help you investigate and identify a system vulnerability from a hacker’s mindset and implement a network that can bear security breaches. The main advantage of gaining this certification is that it can help you get 2X more salary than any other non-certified professional. Anyone can take these certification training courses as there are no prerequisites to take up these examinations.

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The Certified Ethical Hacking V11 is the advanced certification course. It is a 4-hour examination that involves 125 multiple-choice questions. It validates your skills in information security threats attack detection, attack vectors, attack prevention, methodologies, procedures, and more in ethical hacking training and certification course. This course will help you learn Introduction to ethical hacking, Denial-of-service, foot-printing, and reconnaissance, social engineering, Session Hijacking, Hacking web servers, SQL Injection, Hacking web applications, and many more relevant topics that are necessary to perform legal hacking tasks for any organization.

To pursue this certification, a $100 application fee must be submitted, which is not refundable.

Ethical hacking courses are suitable for network security officers, IT/IS specialists and analysts, site administrators, IS/IT auditors, IT security officers, network specialists, IT operations managers, system analysts, and many more job roles.

Benefits of Ethical Hacking Course

The rapid increment in the volume of cyberattacks increased the demand for the white hat or ethical hackers in a world full of cyber threats. Several companies are hiring certified ethical hackers to protect their data from black hat hackers who are involved with illegal activities. So there is a great value in the CEH course that is helpful in many ways.

  • Enable You To Think Like Hackers- Yes, it is the greatest benefit of learning ethical hacking as it enables you to understand hackers’ mindsets and think like them. For any organization, the first threat is a black hat hacker; here ethical hacking help white hat hackers identify and prioritize potential menaces and make them enable to minimize the impact of the potential threat. Training in ethical hacking can help to assign limited resources that can reduce the chances of successful attacks.
  • Keep Your Knowledge updated- Pursuing a CEH course can help you keep updated with the relevant risks and threats. It can improve your knowledge of future risks and vulnerabilities. It can also help you learn how attackers can access your network to determine whether you’re the target of the attack.
  • Explore Hidden Techniques- Learning ethical hacking can make you a skilled hacker as you can learn about the best security practices to be followed along with new concepts such as the Art of hacking, Windows and Linux, Hacking Mobile phones, Testing web application Security, etc. You also can learn about ample security options.
  • Salay Booster- Achieving a recognized certification is a benchmark for your skills and can be crucial when transitioning into rewarding new roles. It also provides you a good salary package, like the average salary for a certified ethical hacker is $71,311 per annum. This certification can also help you secure your career in this drastic domain.
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Last but not least, the demand for certified ethical hackers is more than the supply. So now is the best time to grab the opportunity and become a certified ethical hacker. Be ready, go for CEH certification, and start your journey to find your niche.

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