Celebrating The Valentine’s Day With These Fresh Flowers

Celebrating The Valentine's Day With These Fresh Flowers

Long-stemmed red roses are still the most popular Valentine’s Day flower. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of finding lovely alternatives. We have this year’s most popular Valentine’s Day flowers ready to help you buy flowers for your long-term love, someone, you just started dating, or a family member. If you’re looking for some floral ideas, we’ve put together a few bouquets that will make your loved ones happy.


Tulip is connected to the lily family called Liliaceae. Choosing a garland of red and white tulips tied in a golden ribbon is a beautiful Valentine’s gift. Tulips come after roses as the most famous in the world. They are also the most idyllic flowers in the world.

If you want to amaze your spouse, a bouquet of red tulips would be precise because they symbolize the perfect love. The cream-colored Tulip is for couples who want to express their love for each other forever. Tulips in orange symbolize desire and passion. Tulips in white symbolize purity. 


Coming over to the lovey-dovey day is a glorious event requiring many orchids as a floral gift. Orchid colours, like rose colours, have meanings, and you can use colour to send a personalised message to your sweetie that speaks directly to him or her. They represent royalty as house and cosmetic decoration.

If you are looking for a elegant flower to send as a valentine’s gift, then orchids are best. Orchids come in yellow, pink, purple, red, blue, and green. Therefore, as a valentine’s garland, try sending it in red or white as they are the three colors of the festival.


Who doesn’t like the glory that roses bring on any occasion? These are flowers for all seasons. The rose flower is the most famous globally, wearing the coronet as the king of all flowers. No matter what type of emotion you want to transmit to your loved one, roses are an immaculate floral gift.

A bunch of red and white a few greeneries as strainer flowers will work well. Combine red and pink roses to symbolise poetic love and admiration. The magnificence of roses is that they grow throughout the year, and you can bring them in white, red, pink, and yellow.


The gerbera is a flower that expresses and symbolizes celebration, and as such, it is the most connate to be gifted on the occasion of Valentine’s day. The Gerbera is available in several colors. The red one between them is the most favored one when it comes to being gifted on the lovely day like Valentine’s day. 


Who said Valentine’s Day had to be all about red roses? For many people, chrysanthemums are their favourite flower. Representing affection, Chrysanthemum is a flower available in several colors and is a pretty sight to see. Many chrysanthemums are the best gift for any family member to make them feel unique and gifted. The red chrysanthemum is much preferred worldwide and makes it a great flower to be presented to loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

Flowers can convey a lot without saying anything. Flowers have a great way of portraying a wide array of emotions. Especially on the joyous festival of Valentine when the entire world is up for merry-making and revelry. Blossoms are the best gift to be granted to everyone. One can make sure that this day is celebrated  to the core by giving a beautiful bouquet to their significant other, friends and family.

And making sure that they remember this day as one that brought smiles and happiness that promises to be great and awesome. Every person on Valentine’s day gifts something to their loved ones. But the conjuring effect is very effective and brilliant when one gifts flowers. It brings forth a smile and a lot of emotion without saying anything to the person. It is a gift that makes the receiver feel great and very special. You can order these flowers online, which provides Berkley flower delivery. Or you can also contact your florist shops and place fresh flower delivery at your home.

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