CBD Benefits for Stuttering and Tourette Syndrome

CBD Benefits

Even though nothing should stop you from pursuing your goals, some people with stuttering and Tourette’s syndrome find it hard to do certain things because of their syndrome. The exact cause of stuttering and Tourette’s syndrome is unknown, and researchers have yet to underline the particular reason. However, genetics, environmental, and psychological factors may be a cause. As a result, prescribing an effective cure for this syndrome isn’t straightforward. But now, a trending natural compound called CBD might be the answer to what many with Tourette’s syndrome and stuttering have been looking for.

The science behind cannabidiol

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in the cannabis Sativa plant species. This cannabinoid is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Despite the crowd of cannabinoids, CBD stands out from the rest because of its lack of intoxicating psychoactive properties. Hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.3 percent THC cannot make you high nor cause an overdose or increased paranoia.

For this reason, many countries have legalized this cannabinoid, making it safer to buy online and in brick-and-mortar stores. It is far more accessible these days to get full spectrum CBD (https://cbdfx.com/collections/full-spectrum-cbd/) products in various formats, from CBD oil to bath bombs, skincare products, edibles, vape liquids, and so much more.

Its legality and the range of premium brands offering high-quality products are not the only reasons why CBD has become so popular. Preliminary research shows the many physical and mental health benefits this cannabinoid has for users. Many are turning to this natural compound to treat insomnia, anxiety, pain, and even deal with opioid addiction, weight loss, heart disease, and the list goes on.

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Although data on CBD is limited, researchers know that this cannabinoid works through the endocannabinoid system. The latter is a critical molecular system with its primary role of keeping the body in a constant state of homeostasis—optimal balance. The ECS uses its receptors to manage bodily functions such as temperature, appetite, hormones, and sleep, and the list goes on. CBD signals to them and triggers change.

The significant ways CBD can benefit people with stuttering and Tourette’s syndrome

Studies on the benefits of CBD for stuttering and Tourette’s syndrome are in the preliminary stages. However, there is encouraging data from the studies conducted to date. One study involving a patient with refractory stuttering proved how beneficial CBD was for his life.

For Tourette’s syndrome, the benefits are evident mainly because of CBD’s effect on anxiety. The latter can significantly increase the severity and frequency of ticks. CBD is effective because of its interaction with serotonin. The latter is a neurotransmitter responsible for keeping anxiety symptoms low as it helps us experience feelings of well-being. Many people are using CBD to treat anxiety disorders, and those with Tourette syndrome may find it less challenging when they take a CBD dose.

Researchers also note CBD’s work on Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). The latter is the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter, and its central role is to diminish neuronal excitability so we can deal with challenging situations more calmly. CBD’s interaction with this neurotransmitter can lead to a person experiencing a serener state, thus minimizing the risk of severe ticks and stuttering.

CBD plays a role in diminishing stress symptoms, another instigator of anxiety that can cause stuttering and ticks. This cannabinoid interacts with hormones, including the stress hormone known as cortisol. The latter is critical for emergencies. However, it keeps the body in continual fight-or-flight mode when chronically stressed. This continual internal battle leaves us more vulnerable to getting sick or gaining weight. Chronic stress leads to a higher risk of anxiety and depression too.

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CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are helpful to relieve tension in the muscles and the pain caused by stress. Jaw pain and other muscle ailments often result when someone with stuttering issues or Tourette’s syndrome wants to control their behavior. Once you become used to chronic tension, it gets harder to relax your muscles, and it takes working out, a massage, or CBD to relieve anxiety, and let go of the accumulating stress and worry housed in your muscles.

CBD as a new lifestyle habit

CBD will not eliminate all of the challenges related to your stuttering or Tourette’s syndrome. Yet, this natural remedy can significantly improve your life and allow you to handle challenges with more clarity and serenity. It is, however, vital that you take CBD safely by not pairing it with specific medication.

This natural compound can block the work of heart medication and other pills that contain grapefruit. It may also interact with some diet pills and cause more harm than good. So if you decide to try CBD, speak to a medical professional to ensure that you can take CBD safely with other medication you are taking. Starting with a low dose and increasing if necessary is also recommended.

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