Cancun Vs. Tulum  

Planning a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula? Wondering which vacation destination is better for staying – Cancun or Tulum? Well. Both are excellent beach locations situated near Riviera Maya in Mexico. It is hard to choose between them if it’s your first visit to both cities. You can pick the best one by understanding the kind of vacation you are looking forward to enjoying. To decide which destination is better for you, here are some points of differentiation explained below – 

 To begin with, Which place is easier to reach?

 Cancun is the nearest airport hub in the Yucatan Peninsula which helps in serving other cities and towns in the Riviera Maya region. Every traveler needs to fly to the Cancun International Airport to reach Tulum, Cancun, or anywhere else in this area. Since Tulum has no airport, you need to reserve a private Shuttle to Tulumto help you transfer from Cancun airport to Tulum town. 

So, in this regard, it is faster to reach Cancun as you have to take a flight from your hometown but to reach Tulum, you will have to take a flight to Cancun, and then the best way is to book a private transportation service to Tulum. Although, private transfer services are so comfortable and hassle-free that you won’t feel a thing on your Cancun Shuttle to Tulum. So, both towns are easy to reach, but Cancun is a bit faster to reach when compared to Tulum. 

 How to get around the cities? 

To get around in the city of Cancun, you can book a private transfer service or take the local public buses from the main hotel area. These rides are easily available and take you anywhere in the city. Since it is a big city, walking around won’t make sense. Whereas, in Tulum, you can easily walk around the town. It is a small town, and you can easily explore the beach area on foot. The best transportation mode around town is a private transfer service or a rented bike. 

 Cancun Vibe vs. Tulum Vibe

Tulum is a beautiful destination located in the middle of the forest. It may be less developed than the urban city of Cancun, but you can find a low-key and tranquil beach paradise in this town along with Yoga Mecca, loved by yogis and international travelers from all parts of the world. While wellness retreats are still available, Tulum is now growing as a world-renowned eco-chic and high-end jungle vacation spot. Tulum is now being compared to the famous Bali. 

 Tulum vibes are inspired by nature. Its luxury and design can be seen in its upscale boho style. This town is more rustic than the city of Cancun, and the Tulum beaches offer a relaxing ocean sidewalk. The Cancun vibes are not very different from Tulum vibes; the main difference is that it has no natural or jungle inspiration. 

 So, if you are looking for an upscale luxury vacation, then Cancun is perfect for you, whereas if you are planning to enjoy a sophisticated jungle vibe, then Tulum is the best pick for you. Now, it’s up to you to decide! 

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