Can you make a Wikipedia page about yourself? 


Anybody in the world can create a Wikipedia user account and can write articles on any topic. But as per the rules of Wikipedia, you are not entitled to create your own Wikipedia page. And if you do so then it would be a conflict of interest. And then also you decide to write about yourself and if anything happens against the guidelines and it gets taken down, then it is very difficult to get a new page on Wikipedia because your name will be flagged or deleted. 

Introduction to Wikipedia page creation services 

Wikipedia page creation services are the services that help you to get your own Wikipedia page. You should have to explain about your requirements for the page. You also need to share the sources for references of information. The experienced and professional writers on Wikipedia know very well about the guidelines that one must follow while writing the content in Wikipedia. As Wikipedia is an open-sourced content page, anyone can edit it. The Wikipedia page creation service also helps you to monitor your content and make sure that no third party can add any fake information in it. 

Why do people want to be on Wikipedia? 

Mention below are the reasons why people want to be on Wikipedia. 

  1. To get worldwide recognition

Most people want to be popular worldwide. Wikipedia is one of the best ways to be recognized by the world. As when someone randomly types your name he receives the link to Wikipedia with your image on top. That will give you worldwide recognition. 

2. To provide authentication of work 

The page of yourself on Wikipedia provides you with the authentication and gives a good impact on your customers and investors. The articles written on Wikipedia are accurate and people find it trustable and they are read as research journals. 

3. Increasing your brand value 

People all around the world have a lot of trust and belief in the words that are written on Wikipedia pages. And if your brand name appears on Wikipedia, then it will gradually increase your brand value in the market. 

4. Increase your targeted audience

Everyone wants to increase their targeted audience either monthly or annually. By showing the products and services on the Wikipedia page, most of the audience can be attracted to your products and services and it will increase the number of customers. 

Types of categories Wikipedia page creation services do

On Wikipedia you can find many types of categories of pages and content related with them. However, there are two main categories, they are as follows:-

  1. Companies 

Whether the companies are having a new brand in the market or working for a long time if you place clear information about your company, its origin, achievements and projects on Wikipedia, then it will give a great boost to your business. Hiring an SEO Company in Bangalore assures you about the authenticity, guidelines of Wikipedia and originality of the content. There are many Wikipedia page creators, who are professionals and will get you covered with Wikipedia. 

  1. Biography 

Suppose you are working for a great cause in society, but the people are not aware about you and your works, then in that case Wikipedia page can help you to interact with more people of the community facing the same issues. It will increase your social engagement and give a boost to your work. The Wikipedia page creation services understand the value of your work and provides you with the best consultation for your Wikipedia page creation. 


How do the Wikipedia page creation services work? 

Writing a Wikipedia page is a very lengthy and time consuming process. But the Wikipedia creation service divides them into several steps. These steps are as follows:-

1.Link gathering 

Wikipedia is famous all over the world because of its authorized links. These links work as a trust builder for the readers that they are not reading any false information. Wikipedia page creation services tell you to link with them, then they proceed further for Wikipedia page creation. 

2.Link validation process

After collecting all the related information from you, they check whether the information provided by you is authentic or not. They do this because any false information on Wikipedia page leads to the downfall in your brand value. After all this authentication is completed, the editors start working on writing the content. 

3.Wikipedia page writing 

In this stage, the professional Wikipedia page creators make your page in an order which is mentioned by you. And they compulsorily follow the guidelines of Wikipedia. Along with this the editors start writing and placing the references shared by you. They will first draft your page and then finalise it as per your confirmation. 

4.Regular monitoring

Anyone can edit on Wikipedia, as it is an open source portal. The service team always keep an eye on your Wikipedia page to make sure that no one can add any false information to it. Regular monitoring is a part of Wikipedia create services. And you need not to worry about how your page is doing.

5.Regular updating 

As your company is getting vast, you have launched new products and services. This should be mentioned on your page. The service team will always take care of this. The editors of the team will edit your page from time to time as per the information provided by you. 

Why choose Wikipedia service creation? 

Here are some reasons for choosing the Wikipedia service creation. They are as under:-

1.100% Authorized information

The Wikipedia page service creation authorizes the content and does not ever let you down. It gives assurance about the false content, that there should not be any falsification on your Wikipedia page. 

2.Professional content writers 

Generally the Wikipedia page creation services have professional content writers with the experience of a very long time. They know about all the guidelines and work as per those guidelines. 

3.Reliable pricing 

Many of the Wikipedia page creation services believe in customer satisfaction and bring the lowest price in Wikipedia page creation services. 

4.No plagiarism

The Wikipedia page creation service makes sure that the content they write is 100% plagiarism free and content you offer should be the original Wikipedia page for your brand. 


On Wikipedia an article about you is not always a good thing. You have to face a lot of problems if there is an article about you on Wikipedia.  So you should think about it before you really go out of your way to try to get one. An article about you will be written neutrally means both the good and bad reports will be added about yourself from viable and reliable sources.  All your personal information will be exposed to the public, which in my opinion is not a good thing. You should always have to keep in mind about both the good and bad effects of having an article of yourself on Wikipedia. 

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