Can You Lose Hair by Making a Messy Bun?

We are always scared of our hair thinning and having bald spots. No one loves an uninvited hair loss that can cause you to lose your confidence. If you are someone like me who gets confidence from your hair and want to know which hairstyles are best to avoid hair loss then you are on the right post. 

Messy buns are easy to make, they do not require too much effort and are perfect for any outfit that you might want to wear. However, every good hairstyle has its own pros and cons and the same is the case with messy buns. Even though messy buns are all great and perfect, if worn for a long time or worn in a wrong way; they can definitely cause hair loss. 

What do you need to do to avoid it? How much hair loss a messy bun causes and many more questions might be in your head, right? Lucky for you,  here I am as someone who always wears messy buns to guide you and give you a perfect tutorial on how you should wear your messy bun hairstyles so that your hair is safe from damage.

Can A Messy Bun Really Cause Hair Loss?

Unfortunately Yes! A messy bun or any other hairstyle if made really tight or worn for a really long time can cause hair loss. Just think about it, if you attach some strings to a fabric and then pull on them really tightly and leave them in the same tension for a long time. In such a case, won’t the string start tearing the fabric and might as well break off from the attachment. This is something similar when it comes to your hair and messy buns. If you wear a messy bun that provides tension to your hair follicles, and is tightly pulled back then it can definitely cause you hair loss. 

The same rule applies if you wear a messy bun for a longer time and it keeps providing pressure and tension on your hair strands and indirectly on the hair follicles. It is better to get yourself some hair extensions as with them you will not have to make tight messy buns and they can keep your hair safe from damage and you look perfect and confident to the max.

How To Avoid Hair Loss Due To A Messy Bun?

There are not many ways where you can avoid a hair loss caused by your hairstyle. If you still wear the same hairstyle even after suffering from hair loss then my girl there is no way we can help you. 

In such a case, you can just resort to hair extensions and I know a best place from where you can get your hair extensions and still pass as if the hair you are wearing is your real hair. The JuvaBun messy bun and other hair extensions are perfect for any occasion. I accidentally came across their collection and ordered a curly messy bun from them and guess what? Since then, I am hooked. This is because the hair feels and looks natural even though they use synthetic fibers to make those extensions and then their quality is really high plus they come in different colors and you can even get an ombré effect in the hair extensions to match your hair color. Aren’t they perfect? Why care about losing your hair and damaging your natural hair when you can buy an extension and let your hair rest a bit? Think about it, it is the best investment that you can make for your hair.

How Much Hair Can I Lose In A Messy Bun Hairstyle?

There is no limit as to how much hair that you might lose with the messy buns. You might lose a lot of hair actually or you might lose just a little bit and then they will stop. That is why I am recommending you to give rest to your hair and scalp and wear these amazing JuvaBun hair extensions to have new hair every day or at least a perfect messy bun without pulling or tugging your hair.

This is where my guide on the messy buns ends. I hope now you know what damage regular messy buns can do to your hair and why it is important to have some cool messy bun hair extensions just like the ones from the JuvaBun to get your perfect messy hair bun without causing any damage to your hair. Such hair loss issues and hair damage issues are not limited to only messy buns, if you have hairstyles that might cause tension or pressure on hair follicles, they can also cause excessive hair loss and receding hairline causing you to lose your confidence when it comes to your hair. Make sure to take care of your hair and let it breathe a little too to have healthy and good hair every day.

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