Can books be replaced by technology?

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Young people today are gradually familiar with the term ebook. With the development of science and technology in recent years, the ebook is becoming a new trend of receiving information. So let’s compare a few aspects of ebooks and print books to see if books can be replaced by technology.


This is perhaps the most obvious difference between ebooks and paper books, now compact electronic devices such as laptops, phones, and e-readers can hold an entire library of books in a small pocket. Bookworms don’t need to worry too much about how to carry away a 1000-page novel they are reading while traveling or out of the house. Surely those who have the habit of reading books in their spare time anywhere will love ebooks in this section.


The convenience of carrying has been analyzed, now let’s see how in the reading process, ebooks and paper books will be different. For a person who often memorizes pages of books or useful pieces of knowledge, using ebook notes will be much more systematic and easier to find than paper books. When reading a paper book, you will often jot down good ideas on the page itself, but we can’t do that with a borrowed book, can we? The search feature and the dictionary lookup will be something that a paper book cannot find. Adjusting the font, brightness, and background color is also a basic feature of a reading device, helping readers not feel bored. With the above, paper books must be inferior.

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Cost savings

One of the main reasons why so many people choose books to read instead of paper books is savings. When you decide to buy a kindle with discount codes and coupons included, you have access to a huge collection of ebooks on the internet.

Many of you will wonder if ebooks downloaded online will be pirated books, using pirated cheap is right. If you notice, a copyrighted ebook purchased on Amazon will also be much cheaper than the printed version.

Impact on the human eye

To analyze the effects of reading through electronic screens and ordinary paper pages, let’s review the habits of the eyes when reading. With e-books, turning the page is just a tap or swipe on the screen, a new page will appear. For paper books, a page-turning operation is required. The eye will move from right to left or from left to right (usually for Japanese and Arabic books), top to bottom when we read a normal paper page, but with eye reading devices. Our bodies tend to stay motionless, and stare at 7”, 5”, or even 10” screens. And with a reading time of 30 minutes to 1 hour, your eyes will be very tired.

It is worth mentioning that LCD or plasma screens used on televisions, phones, and computer screens all have backlight panels that emit light with a certain frequency. With low-frequency screens, this flicker can be seen when using the camera to record images. And the truth is that when we read a book on a color screen we are looking directly at a bright light source with millions of tiny flickering light bulbs. Over a long period, the eyes will become noticeably weaker. With paper books, the image the eye receives is an image that comes from indirect light. This light will be much more eye-friendly than the light emitted by electronic screens, but if reading in a place where Not enough light will also make your eyes weak. The construction of screens is a factor that greatly affects the human eye. The most modern LCD and OLED screen technologies today display images through small pixels (called Pixels). The color of each pixel will be controlled by 3 red, green, and blue crystals. RGB). For example, when all 3 crystals are bright we will get white. The color intensity of different crystals will produce different colors. This principle is true to the principle of mixing colors from the three basic colors in the painting.

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At this point, many of you must have thought of a bright future for e-books, right? However, paper books still have strengths that ebooks do not have. Fortunately, to solve the problems of LCD screens, scientists have invented a new screen technology called E-Ink, a screen that is only black and white like paper and ink. With that feature, e-ink is put on specialized devices for reading books (Kindle, Kodo, …)


Despite the prevalence of billions of mobile devices, today more than 10% of the world’s population lives below the poverty line (income $1.9/day). And certainly, a reading device or phone is still a luxury for them. So the source of books they have access to is nothing but paper, paper, and ink books will still be a means to pass on knowledge and experience from generation to generation.

Also, not everyone can easily learn to use an electronic device for reading. Children aged 0–10 years old or the elderly who cannot keep up with modern life will certainly not know the concept of an ebook.

The feeling gives

In most opinion polls about the preference of reading paper books or ebooks, the number of people choosing paper books is still greater than one of the most basic reasons that the feeling a paper book gives us is different from another. Cool, compact electronics. Your memories from elementary school more than 10 years ago about a detective novel, thick yellowed pages, beautifully drawn cover. That leaves a deep impression on you that we certainly wouldn’t have if you read the ebook. Bumping, tossing, pillowing, are the things humans can do with books that give us something different from the books we love.

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Whether you are in favor of paper books or not, we all have to admit, books are a huge source of knowledge, in addition, reading is also a healthy recreational activity for the brain. Habit reading books every day, no matter how little, is necessary. An ebook or paper book is really not too important, ebooks bring savings and abundant book resources. Paper books give you enjoyment and a sense of authenticity. So, depending on your interests, choose for yourself a suitable type of reading.

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