Bring Your Disinfectant with You: Mobile UV Sanitation Technology


Mobile UV sanitization technology helps to protect facilities against disease by keeping individuals safe. Organizations use mobile UV systems and standard cleaning methods to disinfect different areas. These portable devices offer surface and air sterilization, and you can bring them anywhere. Here is more information about mobile UV sanitation technology.

How Does a Portable UV System Work?

A mobile UV system works effectively to eliminate germs. Training or certification is not necessary to use the device. All that’s required is to set a timer depending on the size of the room. 

The system will be active after a few minutes to allow those in the room time to leave the room. The UV light released by the system helps to inactivate viruses and eliminate bacteria. Integrate a mobile UV system into your sterilization and disinfecting schedule to protect the well-being of your tenants, students, patients, and customers.

UV-C, known as germicidal ultraviolet disinfection, can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces. There are different ways to use a mobile UV unit. Before you start with a new system, consider these factors:


Decide on the amount of space that you want to disinfect. You may require several disinfecting systems to operate efficiently. Your space will help you decide on the best option for your needs.


You need staff to move the disinfection units to various rooms or areas. Mobile UV disinfection systems are robotic, but they need a person to operate them. 

Disinfection time

Consider how fast you want the product to work. When using a mobile UV disinfection system in a hotel, you will have more cleaning time than when you use it in a hospital. 

Benefits of Mobile UV Disinfection Systems


The greatest benefit of mobile UV disinfection is the ability to transfer it to different areas you plan to disinfect. You must plug the system into one room and unplug it after it has run its cycle. Move the unit to a different area if you have several rooms that you need to disinfect.

Work on Any Schedule

Wall or ceiling-mounted UV disinfecting units operate on a specific schedule. Mobile UV systems are convenient since they are portable. They are beneficial in places frequented often, like airplanes, hospitals, or hotel rooms. 

Adjustable Unit

Mobile UV disinfection units come in different variations. Some units are pushcarts, and others are built on stands or are robotic. Most have adjustable equipment to help you hit the areas you want the UV light to reach. 

Easy to Use

Operating a mobile UV unit is easy with proper training. Most units have occupancy sensors that shut the system off after detecting motion. 

Where You Can Use Mobile UV Disinfection Units

UV sterilization is an effective control strategy for fighting germs, viruses, and bacteria. Here are places where you can use mobile UV disinfection systems: 

Grocery Stores and Restaurants: UV light has a high frequency that helps to stop germs from spreading. The light prevents viruses and bacteria from reproducing, protecting your staff and customers. 

Airplanes and Airports: UV disinfecting units remove germs in airplanes and airports in minutes keeping everyone traveling on flight safe.

Hotels: A mobile UV light system can wipe out pathogens preventing the spread of germs and viruses. The unit can eliminate germs in common spaces and all rooms, protecting your guests.

Office Space: Mobile UV disinfection systems remove bacteria on computer screens, mobile devices, and hardtop desk surfaces. They are an effective replacement for chemical cleaners as they help reduce the spread of bacteria on a large scale.
Assisted Living and Primary Care Centers: Viruses and bacteria spread fast when patients visit their local doctors for treatment. Mobile UV lighting will protect visitors and hospital staff by preventing the spread of these infectious agents.  

Banks: UV light disinfects bank counters or ATMs during the day by eliminating germs from multiple sources of contact. Mobile UV disinfecting units help banks save money on chemical cleansers while leaving surfaces like tabletops clean without any residue. 

Use Mobile UV Sanitization Technology to Create Healthier Spaces

To bring your guests, team, and customers together safely, your facility should have healthier spaces. Identify mobile UV sanitization technology that’s proven effective at disinfecting surfaces and air in many facilities. Make your purchase from a company with specialists who can help you identify UV disinfection units that can offer optimal disinfection for your spaces.

By Zain Liaquat

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