Breathtaking Destinations to Explore in Al Khobar for A Memorable Trip

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Al Khobar is a major port and oasis on the Persian Gulf south of Dammam. The city is an industrial and economic hub located in a valley along the main route that leads to Jordan. It has a plethora of locations to explore, owing to the city’s magnificent sceneries, bright seashores, lovely parks, and outstanding buildings. Summertime in Khobar is warm and humid, and the environment is similar to that of a desert. Winters in the area are warm and dry. The months of February to April are the finest for visiting Al Khobar. April is the greatest month to come since the weather is ideal for relaxing on the beaches, wandering through the parks, and shopping around the city. Moreover, most Muslims come to Saudi Arabia in order to accomplish their religious duty of performing Umrah. Therefore, April is also a perfect month to undertake Umrah and Muslims can get cheap Umrah packages 2022 along with a visit to Al Khobar. So, here are some of the best places to explore in Al Khobar with your family and friends:

Khobar Seafront

Khobar Seafront is the ideal destination to enjoy a day outside, with hiking routes, cycling pathways, lounging places, as well as entertainment facilities. Visitors can go on picnics with their families and children. There are various classic souks along the waterfront that offer original Saudi items that draw the interest of tourists that explore the area. For the ease of travelers, the seashore is flanked by several 5-star restaurants and hotels. Tourists may also take boat tours to experience breathtaking views of the Red Sea and surrounding flora.

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The Corniche

The Corniche is Al Khobar’s most visible and popular tourist destination. This seaside promenade extends from Half Moon Bay via the Aziza ocean side to the city of Dammam. Tourists like the amount of open area along the beach, which is perfect for families. There are various attractions and sitting places on the spot, making it ideal for a picnic with children. On the Corniche’s walkways, people may drive their bicycles, stroll, or jog. The location is particularly ideal for watching and enjoying tranquil sunsets.

Mall of Dhahran

You can easily find major Saudi brands at this mall. The Mall of Dhahran is a lovely single-story market area with about 400 retail outlets. The stores carry a wide selection of items from well-known worldwide brands, both inexpensive and high-end. Aside from its numerous shops, the mall has endless entertainment for the entire family as well as a good selection of global eateries.

Escape The Room

Escape The Room is a novel invention in Saudi Arabia that caters to adventure seekers. In the play, a small number of people must solve clues in a restricted area and attempt to escape in 60 minutes. It tests an individual’s synchronization with the team and problem-solving skills, all while retaining excitement and pleasure at all times. The design of the rooms changes according to the season to retain the idea new and interesting for return guests.

King Fahd Causeway

The 25-kilometer-long King Fahd Causeway links the Kingdom of Bahrain to the eastern half of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The dam begins in al-Ajjiya, south of Al-Hova, Saudi Arabia, and goes to Al-Jasra, west of Manama, Bahrain, across the Gulf of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. It comprises a lengthy bridge from Khobar to Nasan Island in Bahrain as well as a shorter segment from Nasan Island to Bahrain’s mainland. It is a popular tourist destination that visitors to Al Khobar do not want to miss.

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