Bongs from the West Coast the Best Bongs of 2022

You can’t go wrong with a bongs if you want to get high quickly. They’re great for group hangs or solo sessions and give fast results. Bongos are the everyday weed smoker’s best friend. However, is there a bongo as a terrible bong? We discovered this through extensive testing. These American bongs are the best of the best.

One on One Bongs

A Bong’s Anatomy

Even though bongs exist in various forms, the anatomy of a bong is relatively consistent. The first is the mouthpiece, which is where you inhale the smoke. Then there is the tube and maybe ice catches. The tube is just that, and the ice catch prevents ice from entering the water chamber. The downstem links the bowl to the chamber, which holds the water, while the bowl contains the ground material.

What’s the best way to hit bongs?

Fill the hvy glass bong with enough water to immerse the downstem. Too much water may cause you to get splashed while smoking, while not enough water will result in a harder hit. Then, add the desired amount of marijuana to the bowl.

Place the bowl in the downstem, grab a lighter, and get onto a comfortable sofa seat. Hold the lighter in your presiding hand and the bong in your non-dominant hand. You’re not drinking water or trying to eat the bong, so light the bowl and place your lips within the mouthpiece. Suck (without inhaling) until the water bubbles up and fills the chamber. Lift the bowl and inhale when you have the desired amount of smoke. As needed, repeat the process.

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What should I look for in terms of materials when buying a bong?

Glass, acrylic, ceramic, and silicone are common bong materials.

Glass bongs. Because they deliver the cleanest and purest taste, glass bongs are the most popular bong material on the market. Borosilicate glass bongs contain boron trioxide, with an extremely low thermal expansion coefficient. This means it’s extremely tough and won’t crack like conventional glass when exposed to high-temperature changes.

Acrylic bongs are the most affordable and nearly indestructible. However, it’s the least versatile because it’s tough to add attachments like percolators.

Ceramic bongs are long-lasting and come with a glass cover for the best hits.

Silicone bongs: Because they are dishwasher safe, they are the easiest to clean. They are also long-lasting, reasonably priced, adaptable, and perform admirably compared to their peers.

Are bongs a better option than bowls and joints in terms of health?

Bongs provide a smoother toke than a smoldering or a joint from a receptacle due to the water (and perhaps ice cubes in case you are feeling fancy). Your hits are less painful since there is no dry heat like you get from a joint. However, the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) warns that smoking marijuana can destroy lung tissues and blood vessels regardless of how it’s done. According to the American Lung Association, consuming marijuana can increase the risk of bronchitis and chronic coughing.

Both groups agree that more research into marijuana’s effects on lung health is needed. If you’re looking for a less dangerous way to consume cannabis, try vaporizers, which release the terpenes in the marijuana by convection and conduction rather than combustion and have been proved to lessen respiratory discomfort.

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The Best Bongs of 2022

Higher Standards Mini Beaker

Although Higher Standards additionally sells a larger beaker, the mini cup is the epitome of small-but-mighty at eight inches tall. Six slits in the glass downstem clean and cool pull for a silky smooth hit. The piece is made of medical-grade borosilicate zob glass seven millimeters thick, making it feel luxurious and long-lasting. If you’re like dabbing, the water pipes come with a 45-degree quartz banger, carb cap, and concentrate tool, all of which are spacious and comfortable to hold. The bong is easy to clean.

Budsy from Puffco

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Nalgene. Budsy, bongs disguised as a water bottle by Puffco are the ideal companion for any excursion. Fill the bottle to the fill line (420 milliliters), open the top portion, flip up the mouthpiece, and put the ceramic bowl from the storage area to the air hole to use. You’ll never have to carry a bong around again.

Bong Bento

Bento Bong is built of BPA-free Tritan TX1001 plastic, which makes it durable as silicone but with a modular, streamlined, packable, and adjustable design. At this pricing, there aren’t many bongs that come with a percolator. It is also dishwasher safe and easily disassembles. Will it persist indefinitely? Maybe not, but then again the Bento Bong is an excellent place to start if you’re new to bongs.

Waterpipe of the Heir

The Rolls Royce of bongs is Heir Waterpipes, in 11 and 13-inch sizes. It’s made of durable materials like alumina ceramic, stainless steel, and soda-lime glass. It has an ergonomic mouthpiece and a removable glass chamber that you can quickly fill with ice or water and then throw away when you’re done. The bowl’s seven holes avoid blockages, and the eight-slotted percolator delivers exceptionally smooth hits. The cost can be a deterrent because nobody has $260 lying around. In any case, it’s a lovely addition to your home that also happens to get you stoned.

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Chongo Summerland

The Summerland Chongo is a fully ceramic bong that combines aesthetic design with durability. The standard bong has a tight seal roomy bowl and hits really well. You have to take a close look to notice irregularities in the glazing, which serve as proof that it is a human-made product, which is impressive at first appearance. Chongo is also composed of food-safe, lead-free glaze, and ceramic so that you can rest easily.


The bongs listed above are some of the best. When looking for a bong, keep in mind that you should look for one that fits your needs. Choose a website that includes a variety of photographs of bongs from all perspectives, highlighting their characteristics, and double-check all of the photos to make sure it has everything you’re searching for.

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