Best Vacation Rental Sites for Travellers in 2022

Best Vacation Rental Sites for Travellers in 2022

I do not want to jinx it, but the pandemic is finally at rest, and we can come out of the house to live our lives. If the offices have resumed, schools have reopened, and people are back on the streets, you deserve a vacation too.

 A vacation is necessary for people’s mental health. However, planning a holiday is not as easy as thinking about it.You need to figure out the expenses, find a safe place to stay, plan your itinerary, look out for cheap airline tickets, and the list goes on and on.

The most crucial point on the list is accommodation. Hotels, rentals, homestays, hostels, etc., whatever it is, you need a safe and reliable place to stay. So you cannot compromise safety in a foreign land. 

But on whom should we rely upon, and what are the best sites? If that is the question that pops inside your head, we have you covered. We have listed the top ten vacation rental sites to ensure a happy and fun getaway with your friends and family.

1) Airbnb

Airbnb needs no introduction. I love this website, and I do not think any other website is as reliable as this one. That is why I have placed it at number one on the list. Airbnb has a complete list of the best beach houses, farmhouses, treehouses, villas, old-school homes, and everything else you can think of.

You can easily learn about the owner and contact them for any problem. Airbnb will list almost all the information for you so that there is hardly any doubt left. As a result, everything is available under one roof, from rent to permission, amenities, availability, and facilities.

2) Expedia

Expedia is like a one-stop solution to all your vacation needs. From hotels to flights, cabs to cabin rentals, Experida has you sorted. What Makes it reliable and trustworthy is that it is one of the oldest rental sites and offers visitors several filters to refine their research. With multiple filters and all cities covered, Expedia guarantees accommodations even in places where a reliable hotel is unavailable. It is what sets it apart from other competitors.

It provides all-around accommodation for families, teens, LGBTQ+, friend groups, and anyone who wants to use its website. As a result, they provide safe, comfortable, and reasonable holiday rentals to their customers.

3) TripAdvisor

You may be wondering what this hotel review website is doing here, but it not only reviews

but also offers vacation rentals. After it acquires other websites, you can find the best holiday rental as per your requirements. You can always verify if the place is reliable or not by reading the reviews and going through the ratings.

I agree that there are paid reviews everywhere, but there are very few. Why would someone who can rent property twice or thrice a month spend a lot on paid reviews? So trust the majority view and go ahead with your decision.

4), like Expedia, covers almost all travel needs such as flights, hotels, and cabs and offers competitive holiday packages.

It has recently entered the realm of home rentals, so it requires some improvement. However, it is a completely reliable site for the best hotels as per your requirements

If you are booking your hotels on, you can avail of early bird discounts by making advanced bookings and save up to 20%!

5) LoveHomeSwap

For those who do not know what this site is about, it offers you an almost zero-cost vacation holiday rental. As the name suggests, you swap homes with strangers. You can either swap at the same time or offer points to the destination home to use later.

It requires you to register your home too on the website and buy their membership.

It is a great way to reduce the cost of accommodation. You can easily get in touch with the owner and resolve your doubts. The website only accepts verified profiles. As a result, your holiday rental is clear.


Vacation Rental by Owner is a place where you can book vacation homes without the involvement of any dealer or anyone else. You might think that it is like Airbnb, but you are mistaken. 

People have a collection of the owner’s clothes in the closet and his leftover toast in the freezer. VRBO clears this hassle and offers complete privacy and comfort. You do not have to share or compromise on privacy and hygiene.

This home rental is best for families or groups of friends who want a home-like experience and freedom from the sophistication of hotels and resorts.

7) Homestay

I feel like homestay works in extremes, you will either love it or hate it. This holiday rental site offers you a room in an already occupied house. The perks of this facility are that you befriend the owner, have a local support system, and do not have to stay alone. It is a great fit for budget travelers who can not or do not want to spend too much on accommodation.


There are numerous holiday-related websites today, but choosing a reasonable one is difficult. With an increase in tourism, rentals are always susceptible to scams. As a result, it is paramount to talk to the owner, clear all doubts, and ask for proof if required. 

Make sure your vacation rental feels safe and has all the amenities you need.

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