Best sound drivers for Windows 11

I without a doubt can’t imagine using my PC with the default volume settings. An outcast application permits me to use a balancer to change the frequencies to my need and add influences for that extra oomph. Additionally, you can generally help the volume using these applications expecting you have more humble speakers like the PC’s intrinsic speakers.

Regardless, don’t limit yourself to the volume help; Several exceptional features can convey what you truly needed to hear with two or three slides and switches.

To help you with tracking down the right application to manage your Windows 11 PC’s sound, I am posting down presumably the best solid bosses for Windows 11. To find out about such programming, visit techkorr.

Fx sound

I like FxSound’s Equalizer since it permits you to change the repeat as well as shows you how extending/decreasing each repeat will impact your experience. Simply float your mouse cursor over each band, and a clear explanation will jump up.

It in like manner has a Sound Effects region which integrates Ambient, Dynamic Boost, Bass Boost, and more effects on extra work on the sound.

The more critical limit of the application is the presets that normally change the agent and sound impacts to fulfill the specific substance. It consolidates presets for Gaming, TV, Voice, Transcription, Volume Boost, Bass Boost to say the very least. You can moreover make your own presets and save them to use later or convey/import them to give to others. Likewise, look at What is windows audio device graph isolation.

Letasoft Sound Booster

Latasoft Sound Booster is a clear application that is expressly for a specific something: volume-supporting on Windows. You absolutely get a sliding volume bar with checkboxes to enable/cripple it. Additionally, you can similarly assign hotkeys for fast organization.

It ensures 100-500% extension in standard volume. Yet exact figures can change, the ease of the application settles on it a simple choice to heighten the sound.

Letasoft Sound Booster maintains autostart, and in our short testing, we found no twisting. All in all, you can offer it a chance with a free 14-day time for testing.


You’ll see Music, Movie and Freestyle modes for tweaking. The underlying two modes have settings reasonable for their gathering, while Freestyle has generally that to investigate various roads with respect to. Regardless, you should endeavor its post-volume slider if you’re simply enthused about volume-helping on Windows.

You can moreover activate ViPER for picked input/yield devices with configurator.exe which comes bundled with the major foundation.

Nonetheless, beside the unprecedented features strangely, it is 100% free.


A solid sound enhancer application for Windows 11, absolutely free for individual use. DeskFX goes with a 20-band balancer that can be changed using 3 unmistakable modes including plans, parametric and visual. You have limitless authority over the quantity of gatherings you that need to use right away.

There are furthermore a ton of presets, which can be also changed by changing different frequencies, similar to inclination or adequacy, etc, dependent upon the preset you pick. It also goes with different sound impacts like Chorus, Bass Boost, Reverb, Echo, Compressor. significantly more.

One thing I love about DeskFX is the ability to include a sound prompt various events to make it even more amazing. You can similarly change the repeat of each extra effect autonomously. Likewise, you can make custom presets and save them or import/convey them easily.

Agent apo

Agent APO is apparently the most amazing sound manager application that is completely permitted to use. Regardless, it is a piece fascinating to use as needs be to organize text archives to change frequencies and various settings. You can stack the config.txt record to make modifies inside the application.

The Graphical Equalizer decision permits you to pick 15-band and 31-band agents that you can re-try by moving the repeat up or down. You can similarly make custom balancers where you add gatherings to the outline on hand and change dependent upon the situation.

Breakaway sound enhancer

Breakaway doesn’t offer various customization decisions, but accepting you really want a clear application that turns out just perfect with close to no obstacle, then, Breakaway is for you. It doesn’t have an agent, yet you truth be told do get 16 presets that you can apply and re-try.

At the point when you’ve picked a preset, you’ll see 5 bars to change the scope, power, speed, bass lift, and bass size of the preset. Here is an essential explanation of how all of these compressions will impact the presets. You can without a doubt investigate by extending/lessening each strain using the mouse scroll wheel.

The names of these presets don’t really figure out their use very well. So you should focus on each preset to see which one you like. Moreover, I need to save a preset following changing its strain levels.


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