Best Places To Visit In Beirut In 2022

Best Places To Visit In Beirut

The Lebanese capital is a must-see on any visit to the country. Despite its recent turbulent history, Beirut boasts a plethora of assets that will appeal to vacationers. Clearly, any vacation to Lebanon must include a visit to Beirut. However, what is there to do in Beirut? Before exploring Lebanon’s capital, it’s a good guess that you’re unfamiliar with the city’s attractions. You’ll notice that there are several sights and activities to see and do.

Beirut is a true symbol of the history of Lebanon, and as soon as you set foot there and understand how life worked here, chaotic, intractable, warm, this desire to bite into the present with full teeth that inhabit city dwellers with frank eyes, contagious smiles and limitless hospitality, grips you and projects you forward. 

This practical guide includes where tourist attractions are located in the Lebanese capital, how to get about, where to stay, and how many days it takes to explore the city. Apart from cultural discoveries, what is there to do in Beirut? If you are wondering where to go there? Start planning, book emirates reservations online and save up to 40% off on every flight till the last minute. To assist you, keep scrolling down and check out the best places to visit in Beirut in 2022:

Pigeon cave in the area of Raouché

The pigeon cave is unquestionably the capital’s icon. Additionally, it is one of the most prevalent clichés associated with Lebanon.

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These well-known limestone islands reach a height of around 45 meters. This is the ideal location for a spectacular sunset. As a result, it is advised that you visit this point of interest in Beirut towards the conclusion of the day. Take caution if you go there on foot; the streets may be extremely steep at times. The whole cliff may be climbed to reach the Raouché neighborhood. A fantastic ride!

Square of Martyrs

The Place des Martyrs is the city’s central plaza. In Arabic, it is known as Sachet al Shohada and is dedicated to the memory of Arab patriots assassinated by the Ottomans.

The area is centered on an enormous statue that serves as one of the city’s icons. Numerous bullet holes from the Lebanese civil war may be seen on the monument. The city core is situated about north of the square, to the northwest.

Souks in Beirut

Even though the souks lack the allure seen elsewhere in Lebanon (or the Arab world), it would be a mistake to visit Beirut without seeing the Beirut souks.

Rather than a true souk, this location should be seen as a retail area that has retained some of the souks’ architectural characteristics

Mosque Al Omari

If you have to choose one thing to do in Beirut, it would undoubtedly be a visit to the Al Omari mosque. It is impossible to visit the Lebanese capital without paying a visit to a magnificent mosque in the heart of the city.

It is a must-see historic structure located in Beirut’s downtown area, adjacent to Martyrs Square. This religious structure is very simply the city’s oldest mosque.

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It also retraces the country’s complicated history on its own. In the seventh century, a mosque was constructed there. At the beginning of the 12th century, the Crusaders demolished it to make way for a church. It was later converted into a church, then a house of Christian worship, and finally a mosque!

Scale the ledge

The corniche is a must-see attraction during a visit to Lebanon’s capital. On hot summer days, this is an excellent spot for a walk throughout the day or evening. The Corniche is especially active on weekends. There are young people plunging into the ocean, fishermen, and a large number of Beirutis roaming about.

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Beirut – Raouche Sea Rock

Raouche’s iconic sea rock, dubbed Pigeon Rock, is situated along Beirut’s shoreline. The spectacular formation of rocks is a natural attraction that draws hundreds of visitors each year. If you go down the coast from the trail, you will come to a location surrounded by chalk cliffs. Raouche Sea Rock is recognized for its upmarket residential area and restaurants, in addition to its natural beauty. Soak a seat at a cliff-side café and take in the natural beauty of Raouche Sea Rock’s offshore rock arches.

Last Words

The above-mentioned places are the reasons why Beirut, sometimes likened to New York or Ibiza for its exuberant mood and social and cosmopolitan environment, has an amazing passion for life that is unmatched anywhere else. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip with AirlinesMap and enjoy the hassle-free trip ever.

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