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Woof!! The maintenance of a car sucks. And many times it gets even more frustrating when it is on you. If you have been living with your parents, it is quite possible that they have been maintaining it for years and now it’s your turn to do the expense. Even if you have been joining the maintenance check with your dad, you still need to learn about maintenance tips, the best engine oil, the best spray wax, and the suitable chemical for your car.

To cut the story short, it is high time that you must have all the information about how you can maintain a healthy routine for your car. Listed below are some of the tips that will help you find the best ways to maintain your car in the best way and most of all at your home.

Affordable Maintenance Measures that you can try at home

Many times you need a car mechanic for your routine car maintenance, but there are some fruitful tips that you can apply at home and give your car a homemade service.

1.    Familiarize Yourself with the owner’s manual 

Your vehicle must have an owner’s manual. It must be somewhere kept inside the dashboard. If you don’t find one, ask your dealer to provide you with one. Or an online copy would also be there on your manufacturer’s website. Go through the maintenance schedule section and find out the maintenance intervals of the oil change, oil filter, engine oil, belts, tire rotation, and so on… It’s suggested to follow these instructions to keep the engine running.

2.    Examine belt and hoses

 Belts and hoses can be found on the engine bay. And if you want to dig deeper than the basic car maintenance, start with the engine bay. Belts and hoses prevent the engine from getting heated easily. If you see signs of budges and cracks in hoses, it is time to replace it.

3.    Inspect the oil and air filters

Air filters need to be replaced once after every year. But depending on how you drive tells exactly when there’s a need to replace it. When you change your oil, make sure to have a close eye on the air filter as well.

4.    Check other fluids in your vehicle

Engine oil is not the only one that you need to check. Experts suggest that you should look for brake fluids, windshield washer fluids, coolant, and transmission fluids as well.

5.    Keep a keen interest in listening brake issues

You should observe your brakes carefully when there’s a glitch in their performance. As brakes are the important components, you should not take any brake issue for granted. Get it checked by a professional if you feel your brakes need to be repaired.

The unusual brake sound shows signs of repair. They can be squealing, rattling, grinding, or can be intermittent sounds that need prompt action.

Your vehicle can tell you many things that you should observe carefully. Now when you know how to maintain your car, make it an obligation and follow the routine.

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