Best Call Masking Solutions in 2022

Best Call Masking Solutions in 2022

The number masking or call masking process is an advanced data protection measure that ensures both the privacy of the agent and the privacy of the caller. In order to facilitate seamless communication between on-call entities, the masking of phone numbers is a critical tool. Numerous industries use number masking solutions to ensure data security and trust within client and customer interactions, including cab aggregators and online classifieds.

Knowlarity is one of the top number masking solution providers in India.

The best way for businesses to protect their customers’ identities, and prevent misuse of sensitive information, is by masking their customers’ numbers.

What is Number Masking?

It is a form of data protection designed to protect both the agent’s personal information as well as the caller’s. Providing a seamless connection between two on-call entities without revealing their phone numbers. Securing the data of your clients and customers. Securing the data of your clients and customers.

Real-time insights into the performance of agents can be gained by recording and monitoring calls. You can use the Analytics dashboard to ensure agents are properly trained and to understand customers’ needs.

What Is Call Masking?

Through call masking, businesses can protect both their own and their customers’ phone numbers. The call masking process generates a random phone number, allowing both parties to communicate for the given period of time. This prevents either party from knowing the other’s phone number. In reality, during call masking, a bridge is created to connect two people rather than connecting them.

The majority of people are uncomfortable with their numbers being shared with service agents, according to surveys. With the use of call masking, customers are able to maintain their privacy without compromising their service quality.

How Does Call Masking Work?

Through call masking, two connected calls are connected by a bridge number. A randomly generated number appears instead of user X’s and user Y’s original phone numbers when user X calls user Y. In this way, both parties involved can keep track of each other’s real phone numbers without sharing them. The number is routed to the proxy and then connected to the final end-user.

In-cab sharing services, delivery services, buyer-seller platforms, or even in retail, this practice is quite common. The service providers for these brands deal with high volumes of phone calls each day from customers seeking service. Therefore, call masking becomes an essential tool for these companies. Disconnection or call completion returns the proxy number to the pool for a different connection.

Benefits of Knowlarity’s Call Masking

Call masking is primarily used to protect privacy, but there are other benefits that make it a viable solution for businesses.

Secured Interaction:

It is better to have a call masking software than to hire third-party operators. In cases where a third-party service provider is involved, sharing personal phone numbers becomes risky.

Customer Satisfaction:

Modern customers are extremely insecure about their data and will do everything they can to protect it. You may feel uncomfortable giving out your phone number to a stranger you will only contact briefly.

Virtual numbers differ from masked numbers in the following ways:

One can be confused with the other. To clarify, here is a distinction between masked numbers and virtual numbers.

Masked Numbers

Popular Use Cases for Call Masking:

My previous post mentioned that call masking is essential in different scenarios and is a boon to most businesses. Let’s look at a few examples:

Geo-Matching for Transportation or Ride-Sharing Apps:

By using call masking, drivers and passengers can communicate without sharing their personal information. It is extremely important to protect both parties’ identities as the usage of these apps increases. Passengers and drivers can communicate easily through these apps.

Call Masking for Delivery Agents:

In order to locate the customer accurately, delivery services usually require the customer’s address and phone number. In order to get the job done, communication is essential. It is risky for both the delivery agent and the customer to share their personal phone numbers. Call masking allows the delivery agent to contact the customer and share the proxy number with the customer. The customer can also receive SMS updates using these masked numbers.

Call Masking for Doctors On Healthcare Apps:

Medical apps may offer in-app calling, but others may require the patient and doctor to talk on the phone.

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