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Which is your all-time favourite office look or are you amongst those who have to follow the real rules and regulations of office. Like formals or the dress code dedicated by the office. Well if it ever comes to the formal look my favourite would be none other than the Dwight from the office, we always liked the way he chose his colour going all yellow and brown all the seasons. Some might want to do all Jim but the fact about Jim is that his shirts generally include the blue colour, we only see Dwight being a significant character but yes Jim has the monotony too.

Well, let us leave alone the reel office and get into the real office that is yours. We do understand that you might have limitations at work when it comes to styling and that is when we have a perfect solution for you. Your styling needs don’t have to be just limited to your clothes, you can actually experiment well by just accessorising it smartly. Yes, your accessories do speak your style and if you do not know about them well we are here to help you out with it.

Accessories for office

If you are a fashion enthusiast or just love styling your clothes and accessories, then your boring office attire also won’t stop you from being your own fashion icon.

Here are a few suggestions that you might actually want to try to accessories yourself for your next office visit. You can also go way beyond these options, for further updates on the fashion and eyewear industry just look for updates at Specscart’s Instagram page.

Rimless glasses- Did you know your glasses have expertise in changing your personality in no time once they are actually on? Yes, glasses actually have this ability to make a person look something super different in quite a short time. For your safe and stylish office look, the best that would go is rimless glasses. Yes, these rimless prescription glasses have the power to make a person look extremely sophisticated and smart. And that’s when you know you have found your favourite office accessory. It could be any shape from rectangular to actual cat-eye to geometrical. Could be found in a variety of ranges with these glasses, you are all set to make a strong statement.

Side office bag- Well when it comes to the office bags, they are the actual thunder stealer but are they all? When it comes to the office bag, especially the side bag, they have a thing in themselves. They look attractive, and sophisticated and give off the vibes that you are in for some real business, there is no fooling around and you will get whatever you are in for. You might buy them in black, but do you know which colour would actually suit them the most? It would be perfect if it is in wood brown colour or dark brown in colour, it brings colour to attire, but the colour is smart yet subtle and stylish.

Watch- Another favourite item when it comes to the accessory it is none other than the analog watch. You might ask what is the very first thing one might look at in a person first might be the rimless glasses for women and second is undoubtedly the super-smart analog watches. Your watch comes under the elite fashion sense, especially when it is an analog watch and if you have the vintage collection then what could you better ask for. They are best to make a style statement, as with your every hand gesture the focus will go right on the watch, and voila there is your statement.

Smart gadgets- When it comes to gadgets, they could be absolutely anything that you actually want to carry. And they should be smart. The gadgets might include something like a smartwatch or a Bluetooth set or a and just a smart pad. It could be absolutely anything. So carrying something super smart will make you look start automatically so yes having smart gadgets. Will attract a good load of attention in a room. Keeping them along with you the moment you enter the office will be best recommended as they typically give the vibes that they are not craving the attention but they are the attention grabber.

Positive aura and good smell- All the accessories that have been discussed are more or less important to your office needs. But one thing that you cannot go without is a positive vibe for yourself and having a good odour. Bringing a positive vibe to the table is well important for your relationship. With your colleagues and a good smell well indirectly contributes to the positive vibe you are carrying.

By Robert Tom

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