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Do you know? Power BI is far ahead of Tableau, with double the number of jobs. It overpasses Qlikview with more than eight times the number of vacancies. So, it’s pretty evident that Power BI is one of the leading career opportunities in 2022.

You can take up various job roles and join many companies by learning and practicing Power BI. Becoming a Power BI specialist is one of the most significant opportunities every enthusiast wants to pursue. An expert having Power BI skills can earn an average salary of $60,067 per year in the US, making the role more desirable for everyone.

The Power BI career is not a highly discussed domain. Most enthusiasts have no idea about starting a relevant profession. How should you prepare to become a Power BI specialist?

This post will help you understand the must-have prerequisites and skills to pursue a corresponding career, and the Power BI course needed to jumpstart in the industry. Let’s get started!

Roles and responsibilities of a Power BI specialist

A company will hire you as a Power BI specialist and expect you to excel at various roles and responsibilities. So, it’s better to review these duties to understand the skills required to get a job.

Here are the Power BI roles and responsibilities at a glance!

  • Creating and maintaining models for assessment providers’ records
  • Creating dashboards, accessible reports, and crucial ordinary performance indicator (KPI) scorecards with Power BI Desktop
  • For Business Intelligence, extracting data from a variety of sources and connecting, importing, and modifying records
  • Using statistics to implement row-stage safety
  • Should be able to deliver evidence of the software program’s security layer version.
  • Must be able to manage format approach and project documentation
  • Power BI reports are scheduled, developed, and published according to needs.
  • Should be able to construct multidimensional models that may be effectively aligned with warehouse requirements
  • Proficient in developing Data Analysis DAX) queries in Power BI Desktop.
  • While looking after the assets, you must be able to comprehend corporate needs and statistical trends.
  • Prototyping, requirement analysis, and designing are all skills they should have.
  • Secondary equipment details, such as Azure, SQL Data Warehouse, PolyBase, Visual Studio, etc., should be correct.

Abilities needed to become a Power BI Specialist.

Some of the essential Power BI abilities include:

  • Experience leveraging Business Intelligence tools – A knee-deep understanding of Business Intelligence and relevant tools like Power BI is essential to becoming a highly-paid Power BI Developer.
  • Reasoning & analytical skills – Power BI developers need various mathematical and analytical processes on data. Consequently, the developer must have prior analytical experience.
  • Data Science and mining skills – To find patterns, discrepancies, relationships, and anomalies in data. Also, the capacity to propose data security management solutions.
  • Business Development expertise – By analyzing data and acquiring data insights, professionals can provide solutions for more remarkable growth.
  • Representation Skills – A Power BI developer requires to communicate data insights and goals to the company’s management team. Therefore, solid presentation skills are necessary.
  • Software Development Skills – Although a thorough understanding of software development is not required, it will be advantageous if the developer is familiar with software development architecture and can propose a customized BI solution.
  • Understanding Computer Science concepts – Working experience in computer science or a related discipline is necessary. A developer with a background in computer science will have an advantage.

Steps to become a Power BI Specialist

Look at the most prominent steps to becoming a successful Power BI specialist!

Learn data visualization concepts

The first checkpoint in your Power BI journey is to understand the underlying data visualization concepts. You cannot proceed to use an advanced tool like Microsoft Power BI without building a knee-deep knowledge of the basics.

Enroll in a Power BI certification course

Do you want to learn about Microsoft Power BI systematically? It’s better to enroll in a Power BI certification course like Simplilearn online Bootcamp to access a well-laid curriculum with instructor-led projects and hands-on.

Besides, you can get a prestigious certification to showcase to your recruiters after completing such courses. Overall, your learning time won’t go into the trash if you enroll in a Power BI certification course.

Practice using Power BI

Now, you can start using Power BI. Start familiarizing yourself with the basics of the platform and all features that it offers. Such proficiency will help you answer all questions an interviewer asks when you plan to get a job in a reputed company. It’s better to become familiar with all platform functionalities before becoming a full-fledged Power BI specialist.

Build Power BI specialist skills

We have already walked through the essential Power BI skills required to become an industry specialist. You can refer to the list and start working on your skill sets from today. It’s better to start early and develop proficiency in Power BI skills from day one.

You can search for top Power BI expert jobs in reputed companies worldwide. Reading their descriptions will help you check the skills they demand from a potential Power BI specialist. Also, keep a tab on the job descriptions to ensure you don’t miss out on new criteria before getting hired in your dream enterprise.

Solve real-world projects

Theoretical knowledge of Power BI won’t help you get a job in your dream company. It’s better to have sufficient working experience. The best way to get real-world experience is by working on projects and actual datasets. 

These hands-on practices will help you get the upper hand on Power BI. So, you will better understand the motive behind interview questions and give satisfying answers with real-world examples.

Apply for jobs

Woohoo! You have gained an in-depth understanding of Power BI. Now, it’s time to bring your knowledge into action. You can create an impressive CV and apply to your dream job immediately.


Power BI specialists are warehouses of skills. It’s better to focus on these abilities to become an expert. Once you build a knee-deep understanding of Power BI, you are all set to get any job.

By Flavia Calina

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