Ayurvedic ways to reduce Acidity Naturally

Acidity is a well-known illness that everyone experiences. It can happen at any time and can affect our daily activities. The simple act of popping an over-the-counter anti-acid pill is the most simple solution that we generally do. However, did you know that it could do much more harm than benefit your body? These pills can provide instant relief from heartburn, acidity and Indigestion, but in the long run, they reduce your digestion and can cause adverse side effects. What is the safe alternative? How can I lower acidity on my own?

It is true that an ancient research-based, scientifically proven Ayurvedic medicine system offers numerous solutions to the question of “how to lower stomach acid naturally”? Ayurveda contains potent herbs and remedies that do not just ease acidity symptoms but also improve your digestion. If you follow remedial massage of living, you will naturally possess a powerful jatharagni (digestive power) and lead a healthy life.

8 natural methods to lower acidity

Coconut water

The freshness of coconut is among the most effective natural remedies to decrease acidity. This is because it’s an excellent source of electrolytes like potassium. Electrolytes are essential for maintaining pH in the body. This is vital for controlling acidity.


Beware of overeating.

An easy way to lower acidity or even regulate pitta formation within your stomach would be to stay clear of overeating. Make sure to keep a portion of the stomach empty to allow the flow of food during digestion. Be sure to limit your eating time. Consume your meal 2 to 3 hours before your bedtime.


Enjoy fresh and natural food.

Avoid foods that cause acidity, such as tomatoes, garlic and chocolate, and spicy foods, coffee, tea, carbonated or alcoholic drinks. Take fresh, natural and healthy food choices. Avoid canned, preserved fast foods, processed foods, and fermented ones.


Do not suppress your natural urges.

Do not suppress your natural urges, like passing urine, flatus or stool and belching, sneezing or yawning, or crying. The suppression of these urges can block pittas in the stomach, which causes acidity, heartburn, and Indigestion.


Drink aloe vera juice

Drinking aloe vera juice every day at the beginning of the day and preferably on empty stomachs can help improve digestion. The components in aloe vera aid in regulating the production of stomach acid. Try Jiva Aloe Vera juice for this reason and additional hair, skin and health benefits.


Cold milk

Suppose you suffer from frequent acidity and heartburn and have nothing to help, Mix 20ml of cold milk in half a glass of water. Drink it to feel immediate relief.


Fennel seeds

Make a powdered blend comprising equal amounts of rocks candy (mishri), fennel, and green cardamom. If you experience acidity or heartburn, make a mixture of about 1 tablespoon of this mix in a glass with cold milk and drink it.


Reduce stress levels

Reduce stress levels through practising deep breathing, meditation, regularly exercising, and being in nature or engaging in the activities you enjoy doing. Yoga asanas such as Vajrasana or Agnisaar Pranayama are particularly beneficial for reducing heartburn and acidity.

If you experience it often and are not improving with natural treatments and lifestyle changes, seek out your Ayurvedic doctor for a secure, efficient ayurvedic remedy to treat acidity. Ayurveda is a remedy that addresses the root of the problem and helps strengthen the gut to offer you an effective long-term solution.

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