Apple AirPods Pro – Some useful tips and tricks

The LED on the case

If AirPods flash orange, green or white, there is usually a connection error. Let’s find out what all the flashing color signals indicate in detail:

AirPods in the case

Green: headphones are charged and ready for use.

Red: headphones not yet fully charged

AirPods not in the case

Green: The box still has enough power to charge the AirPods at least once.

Red: Box no longer has enough power – charge them.


White: The headphones are in pairing mode and can be connected to a smartphone – with an Android mobile.

Flashing red: An error has occurred.

Charge level in numbers

Want to know how much juice the headphones and charging case have? There are several approaches for this:

Open the case and hold the case near to your iPhone. A pop-up shows the battery status of the charging case and headphones.

If you now take a pair of headphones out of the case, the iPhone shows the charging status of the plugs separately.

If the headphones are in use, swipe to the right on the home screen until you reach the widgets. There you can read the battery status under “Battery”.

Splash protection – please do not shower

The AirPods Pro are the first Apple in-ears that are “protected against sweat and water” – according to the manufacturer. However, the plugs are only IPX4 certified. That means they can withstand splashing water, for example when jogging. However, it is better not to shower with the AirPods.

The settings in the Bluetooth menu

You can find individual setting options in the Bluetooth menu of the headphones. To do so, tap on Settings, Bluetooth on the iPhone and then on the blue “i” next to your AirPods.

  • Specify between which two noise-cancelling modes the AirPods should switch when you press the button on the headphones (see tip 7), for example, from noise-cancelling to transparency mode and back. All three modes cannot be switched on the headphones.
  • Change the button assignment. For example, Siri on the left and the noise-cancelling control on the right. 
  • Turn on ear detection so that the AirPods automatically connect when inserted into the ear and stop the music when removed.
  • Leave the microphone selection on automatic in case you only have one earpiece in your ear.

The perfect fit in the ear

Apple provides a test for the ear inserts with the AirPods. This is how the manufacturer wants to ensure that you fit the correct size of the rubber earpieces and thus get optimal sound. And it is as simple as this: Place the headphones with the standard fitted earpieces in the ear. Switch to the Bluetooth menu (see tip 4) and tap on “Fit test for ear inserts”.

The noise brake under control

In this tip explains how to control the noise reduction via the headphones, but it’s also very easy to do on your smartphone. Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone to open the control center. Press the volume control a bit harder and then select the desired mode.

Clean the earpiece

Less is more: You can quickly clean the headphones and the case with a microfiber cloth. You should be careful with water, on the other hand. The fine grids on the AirPods are best cleaned with a cotton swab at regular intervals.

Listen in pairs

To listen to music with two people, you no longer have to hand over a pair of earbuds. If the other person also has AirPods, simply connect them to your iPhone, tap the AirPlay icon in Apple Music, and select the second AirPods. Advantage: Everyone has their own volume control.

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