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Nexen Tyres are the tyre division of the South Korean company NEXEN. This company had its origins in 1942 when it was established under the name Hanwha Tyre Co Ltd. It was renamed Nexen Tyre in 1995. This is a manufacturer which has been producing tyres for cars, trucks, buses, agricultural and industrial machinery segments since 1969—wheels manufactured by this company shipped to more than 100 different countries around the world. The headquarters of Nexen Tyres Wrexham is located in Seoul, Korea, with factories in China and Europe.

Nexen Tyre produces a wide range of tyres suitable for front-wheel drive vehicles through rear-wheel drive vehicles. Also, two types of tyres – winter tyres and all-season tyres are being manufactured by Nexen.

A Little Bit of History:

Nexen Tyre was established in 1969 under the name Hanwha Tyre Co Ltd. This year it produced its first tyre, N500, for automobiles. In 1981 it turned into a CNH Global company by developing four factories in China. Since then, it has been manufacturing tyres. The production of this company was expanded to Europe and America during 2006-2007, where it is headquartered today in Seoul.

There are additional operations that need to be upgraded while increasing the capacity of the tyre R&D centre on new technologies developed for mass production. In 2009 Nexen Tyres Wrexham bought CS Company, which was renamed Nexen after taking over the ownership and the management power from Industrial of Korea’s NBAD Private Equity.

Nexen Tyre still manufactures tyres for all segments today, starting from commercial vehicles to passenger cars.

The First Nexen Tyres:

NEXEN was established under Hanwha Tyre Co Ltd in 1969 by its founder Byung Ju Kim (also known as B.J. Kim) to manufacture automobiles, trucks, and buses tyres. Its first Nexen Tyres Wrexham was produced in 1981 which was named N500.

Two years later the company changed its name to Nexen Tyres Co Ltd but kept adhering to ISO 9001 standard during its production process. The quality management system based on this certification (QMS) became official only in 2002; till then it was following QS 9000 standard. This company, whose headquarters is located in Seoul, South Korea, is a new name for the former CS Company named Nexen Tyres.

Nexen’s Production:

Another manufacturing plant of this company is based in Beijing and it has been producing tyres for trucks and buses since 2000 under the supervision of Beijing Rubber Industry Co Ltd. The other plant was set up during 2006-2007 where all production processes started on new premises with cutting edge technology.

It includes equipment worth $70 million to enhance research & development capabilities and increase capacity at the existing site of Namyang. Nexen has produced over 100 Million tyre units till now. Still, about 80 per cent of their revenue comes from the North American market where they produce almost 5 million Cheap Tyres Wrexham per year under the supervision of Nexen Tyres America Corp.

Notable Nexen Tyres:

In 2002 these tyres were exported to more than 30 countries worldwide, but in 2001 they started exporting 200 thousand tyre units to Korea and Japan where road conditions are very demanding for any type of tyres.

In 2003, Nexen’s line was introduced in the North American market. Which is an all-season radial tyre manufactured for cars and SUVs applications. Nexen introduced the latest innovation from this company in 2010 which is a winter tyre designed specifically for the Canadian market.

This model provides improved handling on icy roads and superior performance in braking compared to other leading brands available today through optimized tread blocks & sipe arrangement with special rubber compound composition.

Nexen’s History:

In 2006 Nexen Tyres was known as CS Company under the ownership of Industrial of Korea. In 2009, NBAD Private Equity acquired $1 Billion from CNH Global to serve Nexen Cheap Tyres Wrexham Co Ltd. During its manufacturing process, more than 2,300 people are working in different departments and have a very big market share in North America.

The more advanced plant is located at Namyang, a research & development hub designed with maximum flexibility and state of art equipment that enables this company to manufacture large volume tyres every day & night without any interruption over there.

These highly efficient plants include 30 injection machines that produce 3 million pieces per year; 30 tyre building machines that make around 48 million units in total every year. And only one tyre finishing machine working at high speed for testing and quality assurance purposes.

Conclusion :

Nexen has become one of the largest tyre manufacturers across the globe over a very short time frame. This company is also known as an innovator & supplier of quality tyres for all automobiles, starting from commercial vehicles to passenger cars.

Nexen Tyres are manufactured in South Korea, China, and the USA under its parent company NBAD. The best thing about this company is that it offers its products at affordable prices. But still maintains its high manufacturing standard which means they are not compromising on quality. While making tyres available for sale at cheaper rates.

Nexen Tyres are produced by adopting cutting edge technology along with state of art equipment. Which enables maximum production capacity without any interruptions or delays due to tooling delays.

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