All you need to know about Tosh Trek

Tosh Village has gained its name as one of the favourite destinations among hippies to enjoy their vacation away. It is a small traditional village with a picture-perfect view of the valleys and mountains. The fertile Parvati valley serves as the lap for Tosh where this small hamlet resides. Its elevation at an altitude of 2400 metres offers an ideal location for the snow-clad mountains to preach its glory in the background. To this, the Parvati valley compliments its beauty with the lush green views during summers and monsoon.

Tosh just with its pristine beauty and pleasant environment attracts all kinds of tourists and backpackers.  generally known as a sacred spot for the backpackers due to its location and terrain, is an ideal place to start your solo travelling. With its unexplored offbeat trails shrouded in nature and picturesque landscape takes you to an otherworldly experience. If you want a peaceful experience with a little hike, then Tosh is definitely the one for you. On top of that, Tosh has many budget- friendly options to stay.

Options of stay in Tosh

 The credit to Tosh’s gained popularity partially goes to the plethora of stay options in and around Tosh. This is the reason why all the backpackers and solo trip enthusiasts prefer Tosh. You will find every kind of accommodation you wish for. Be it a guesthouse or homestays has it all and that too under budget. Except few peak months you can get a stay-in between 500 to 1000 INR

Guest House in Tosh village

 As Tosh is more popular now, you will find an increased number of hostels and guesthouses to choose from. If you are looking for a respite from the busy life and want to spend some time alone with nature, then go for a remote location far from the village of Tosh. This will give you the best of the views from the Himalayas. On the other hand, if you are interested in exploring the life and ways of the hill locals then staying in a guest house close to the village is a nice option.

 Homestay in Tosh Village

Connecting with culture is the most fun way to explore any destination. Homestays are the best way to do so. Many locals rent their rooms at a small amount which is the best way to travel budget friendly. Homestays are basically staying with the locals and enjoying your stay along their tradition. You can inquire about the homestays at any of the local café or dhabas and they will guide you to one or two. Homestays are usually tidy and nice, so you don’t have to worry about hygiene.

Places to Visit in Tosh

Tosh is known for its hippie vibes, food and landscape. If you take all those in account, the best thing to do is just soak in all those things. Take a walk around the village that is based on trails with no roads, indulge in the famous Israeli cuisine and admire the views of the landscape. To-sh is all about relaxing and forgetting the world exists beyond this. Trek through nature and explore offbeat paths of the hills and mountains. Enjoy your time at a local café that is based beside a mountain overlooking the beautiful Parvati valley. Some of the notable places to visit while in Tosh are listed below. You can check them out.

  • Tosh Waterfall
  • Tosh Temple
  • Kutla
  • Kalga
  • Kasol
  • Barshaini
  • Manikaran
  • Jari
  • Mateura Jari
  • Malana
  • Chalal
  • Rasol

 Tosh village is visited as a complimentary destination along with other tourist places in and around Kasol, the nearest hill station. If you are going for any trip in the Parvati valley then don’t forget to add  village in your itinerary. Experiencing  is one of a kind.

 Best time to Visit Tosh

 The hamlet of Tosh will give you a different experience in different seasons. If you want to experience snow then go for winter months of January to February. The spring and summer months bring in pleasant weather and hence are considered best for any family trip or get-away. If you are going Tosh for trekking, then April to June would be a good time. Some people also go for a trek in October and November. Monsoon is generally avoided by travellers, but it can be a good opportunity for any budget traveller as the prices of stays are low.

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