AIRPORT TROLLEYS –Benefits and Features of Modern Trolleys (2023)

AIRPORT TROLLEYS –Benefits and Features of Modern Trolleys (2023)

From the big international airports to smaller ones, airport trolleys are a crucial part of making your travel experience smoother. They’ve been around for ages, adapting and evolving to meet the needs of travelers.

What is airport trolley?

An airport trolley, also known as a luggage cart or baggage cart, is a wheeled cart designed to help travelers transport their luggage and belongings within an airport. These trolleys are typically available for rent or use at various locations throughout the airport, such as parking lots, curbside areas, check-in counters, and baggage claim areas.

Features of airport trolley

Some key features of airport trolley are:

  • The trolley usually has a handle at the front or on the side, which allows passengers to push or pull the cart as they move through the airport.
  • The main part of the trolley is a flat platform or basket where passengers can place their luggage.
  • Many airport trolleys are equipped with brakes to prevent them from rolling when parked, ensuring they remain stable while loading or unloading luggage.
  • In some airports, travelers may need to deposit a coin or token to unlock and use a trolley. After use, they can retrieve the coin or token by returning the trolley to designated areas.

What are the benefit of airport trolley?

Here are some of the key advantages of using airport trolleys

  • Airport trolleys allow passengers to effortlessly move their luggage throughout the airport
  • Lugging heavy bags for extended periods can lead to physical discomfort and strain. Airport trolleys help distribute the weight, reducing the risk of injuries and making travel more comfortable for passengers.
  • By using airport trolleys, passengers can quickly move their baggage from the curbside to the check-in counter and vice versa during departure.
  • Airport trolleys are often designed with accessibility in mind, making it easier for travelers with disabilities or reduced mobility to transport their luggage independently.
  • Many airports charge a small fee for using trolleys, which can generate additional revenue for the airport. This revenue can be used to maintain and improve airport facilities and services.
  • By using airport trolleys, passengers are less likely to leave their luggage unattended.
  • Some airports offer eco-friendly trolleys made from recyclable materials, reducing their environmental impact.

Why do airports charge for trolley?

There are several reasons that could be possible behind the paid facility of airport trolley

  • The revenue generated from trolley charges can be used to invest in airport infrastructure and services
  • Charging for trolley use encourages passengers to be more responsible with their trolley, returning it to designated areas after use.
  • Airport authorities are continually seeking ways to generate additional revenue to fund various operational expenses and improvement projects
  • Charging for trolley use ensures that the cost burden is spread across those who actually use the service, rather than being included in the overall airport fees or ticket prices for all passengers.

Types of airport trolleys

  • Standard airport Trolleys: commonly used trolley that carry regular-sized luggage
  • Family Trolleys: larger than standard trolleys, in which you can put luggage of whole family
  • Eco-friendly Trolleys: some airports provide eco-friendly trolleys made from recyclable materials.
  • Motorized Trolleys: motorized or electric trolleys used to transfer luggage more easily over longer distances
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