AI-Based Proctoring Technology For Online Exam Proctoring Solution

AI-Based Proctoring Technology For Online Exam Proctoring Solution

Proctoring is one of the amazing options for conducting the exams with an online invigilation system. These involve various numbers of devices that include the webcam and many others. Normally, the invigilation, final report and many others will be conducted through online mode.

Students could easily appear for the exam from anywhere, and they could easily check the report anytime. Normally, the proctored exam will be monitored by the proctor remotely. Proctors would be checking the complete surroundings and activities of the test giver. Proctoring has become a necessary option in the modern day.

Better Online Assessment:

The Proctor exam test is the most important option as it involves the online assessment which employs the tech-enabled monitoring software. These are suitable options for easily supervising the test taken more efficiently. 

Everything from the start to the end will be monitored by the software, and it will be suitable for reducing human error. Proctored exam especially uses the combination of audio and video to prevent any cheating in the exam. The proctor or the text provider will be of utmost strictness during the exam drive, so they will eliminate any unwanted incidents.

Remote Proctoring Methods:

In the modern day, technology has given us the ability to do a number of things, especially improving convenience and livelihood. Online education along with the assessment, is quite effective in the use of technology. 

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, the government closed off all the educational institutes due to the risk of the spread of the disease.

The remote learning process or education system has widely increased. Amid the pandemic, many numbers of exam bodies and institutes have moved towards online examinations with remote proctoring.

These are quite helpful for taking the exam of students to make sure education goes smoothly. Students from across the world could easily attend the exam through the online Proctoring process.

Types Of Remote Proctoring:

Proctoring is the process of online invigilation which becomes the essential part of the examination. Normally, the Proctor makes sure there are any kinds of unfair practices during the examination.

With the current technique, Invigilation is a much more efficient option for saving more time. Candidates can also easily take the exams from his/her home without a physical invigilator. Normally, remote proctoring is essential for ensuring a valid and fair exam is conducted.

 Candidates will usually be proctored by screen tracking, mic, webcams and many more. There are many remote proctoring methods available in the present day.

  • Live Online Proctoring:

The invigilator monitors candidates’ audios, videos, as well as screen usage feed. These will be processed in real time from remote locations. Normally, these are not quite different from offline proctoring except in remote locations from which the candidate can appear for the exam.

  • Recorded Proctoring:

The Recorded Proctoring involves the candidates’ webcam, screen usage feed as well as the audio system will be recorded in real-time. The invigilator will review the recording at a later time so the result will be displayed.

The process will ultimately remove time constraints for monitoring the candidate actively. These also retain the limitation of active involvement in the human invigilators.

  • AI-Based Proctoring:

AI-based proctoring is one of the amazing options of proctoring. The process will ultimately remove the complete need for human proctoring. The AI-based Proctoring uses face recognition, object tracking and eye tracking.

These use the webcam, and the based proctoring systems will be monitoring as well as detecting any kind of suspicious behavior of candidates in real-time.

Before The Exam:

During the Proctoring exam, the candidate is required to clear the Authentication System, and this includes the

  • Mobile authentication through OTP
  • Email Authentication
  • ID card authentication

These are the most important processes of verification so that the candidate will be verified before the exam.  The education system has undergone a major shift as e-learning methods have been widely adopted.

The process involves less disturbance during the exam, and the students can easily take the exam from any location remotely.  Various educational institutions have been conducting this method of exam safely and suitable for reducing any cheating in the exam.

It is also quite an efficient option to reach across different geographies as well as proctor examinations conducted from a remote area. There are 3 major types of online remote proctoring such as the Live, Recorded and Auto AI methods for conducting the exam online.

Suitable For All Types Of Exams:

The proctored-based exam is available for all exams or tests. These can also be used for all the exams that include essay types, aptitude, objective type, subjective type and many more. Conducting the proctored exam is suitable for ensuring the students can take the exam remotely, even from any location.

These ensure cheating-free conduct and are suitable for keeping the video and audio on even during the exam. The Proctor will invigilate to extensively keep the complete check on everyone, even without any hassle. When any suspicious activity comes to the notice, then appropriate steps will be taken.

Favorable For Examiner And Examinee:

Normally this proctoring software is perfect for both people who are undertaking exams, such as the examinee as well as the examiner. Tests will be conducted from a remote location, and they are suitable for getting a quick solution for conducting the exam online.

Invigilation could be easily done from any place. There is no need for physical centers required for conducting the exam, so you can save a lot of space as well as resources. Students could easily appear from any place at any time, and it is beneficial. Proctoring seamlessly detects any other person speaking to the candidate in the exam.


Mercer | Mettl aims to provide all educational institutes with a complete foolproof online examination system using advanced remote proctoring. These involve advanced AI-based audio proctoring technology, so there is no need to worry about taking the exam from your location.

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