Advantages of Vanadium Flow Batteries

Undoubtedly, there is no debate that renewable energy will be the future. Choosing the best path to reach there is where people differ. It is suggested that vanadium flow batteries are the key to developing sustainable energy sources such as solar power. Here are some advantages of vanadium flow batteries, making them the best option for renewable energy on a bigger scale and helping companies acquire freedom from perishable sources.

Discharge ability

Dissimilar to lithium batteries, vanadium flow batteries discharge completely at 100%. There is no decay or capacity loss with time. In simple words, 100% of the primary capacity of the battery is available via a vanadium flow battery’s complete life, making it simpler to match the rising demands. You don’t need to oversize during the installation to fill in the gaps for lost capacity. It makes vanadium flow batteries more affordable.

Better longevity

Vanadium flow batteries have a long lifespan. You can expect durability of 25 years or more. The performance does not degrade even when the battery reaches the end of its lifespan.

Low maintenance

Vanadium flow batteries are easy to manage and require minimal maintenance. Instead of scheduling periodic maintenance, the batteries can be given on-demand maintenance as and when needed.

Sustainable energy storage

Vanadium flow batteries offer a better sustainable energy form. And, it is not just that; the technology itself is ecological. The electrolyte in vanadium flow batteries are reused, so replacing batteries doesn’t mean you need to mine fresh vanadium.

Cost efficiency

Thanks to its big life and because vanadium flow batteries don’t lose their capacity with time and consistently discharge completely till replacement, they are an affordable option compared to lithium, which has the lowest cost/ cycle. It should also be remembered that lithium batteries have more disposal expenses, while Vanadium Electrolyte maintains its value till the end of its life.

Better Safety

Lithium batteries showcase several cons when you talk about safety. Vanadium flow batteries do not have any of these. As their electrolyte is water-based, vanadium flow batteries do not catch fire and are non-explosive in nature. It enhances their level of safety in comparison to different battery technologies.

Higher versatility

Vanadium flow batteries are universal in several ways. They can be used at a broad range of temperatures inside and outside, dry and humid. Because they are in the initial stage of their development cycle, you will soon see different technological advancements and improvements during their development. While vanadium flow batteries are mostly used for grid storage in the current situation, future inventions and affordability will be seen as soon as economies of scale kick in and the technology get common in places.

There is a lot to know and learn regarding vanadium flow battery technology. It is important to use pure vanadium electrolyte to derive the best results. Using this will pave a path to a more sustainable future. The coming years will be great for it. All you need to do is start working on it from now.

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