Adjusting the Iron Sights on Your G&G Raider

G&G Raiders are extremely popular AEGs. They’re affordable, they’re extremely durable, they have a full metal gearbox with all metal internals that can be easily upgraded, and they’re highly modular, adjustable, and compatible with a wide range of accessories.

But any airsoft gun, even a G&G CM16 Raider, isn’t much use in outdoor games if it doesn’t shoot where you point it. Breaking it out of the box, you’ll need to charge up the battery and mag on your G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider before you can get serious in the field with this M4 AEG in your hands.

And, unless you’re going to mount an optic to it (which most people do) that means you’ll need to adjust your iron sights. Luckily, the rear sight on the G&G Raider is adjustable for windage and elevation, so you can dial it in with pretty fair accuracy. Here’s how.

Pro Tip: Use Powder Coated Airsoft Ammo
Before you get started adjusting your sights, we suggest using power coated ammo that will leave a mark on a target. You need to be able to see where your shots land in order to adjust your iron sights accordingly.

1. Set up targets and take a few shots.
First, set up your targets and then take a few shots at the center, between 5 and 10. If your groups are all landing in pretty much the same place on the target, then you can sight the rifle in. Tight groups indicate precision that must be adjusted for accuracy. All you need to do is manipulate the rear sight on the G&G Raider.

2. Adjust your sights for elevation; move the sight away from the perceived point of impact.
This is different from sighting in an optic, like a red dot sight or a scope. To sight in with iron sights, move the sight in the direction away from where the shots are landing. For example, if your group was higher than the point of aim, lower the elevation on your rear sight. If the group fell below the point of aim, or was obscured by the barrel, raise the rear sight. This will adjust your point of aim over towards the grouping you created.

3. Adjust your sights for windage; again, move the sight away from the perceived point of impact.
Take a few more shots with the elevation adjusted to ensure that the grouping is at the right level; then you can adjust for windage. If the shot group falls to the left of the point of aim, move your rear sight to the left. If it falls to the right, adjust the sight to the left. Take a few more shots and make adjustments as necessary until your grouping corresponds to your point of aim.

4. Take a few more shots, adjust your hop up as necessary, and hit the field.
Finally, take a few more shots, one at a time, to make a few final adjustments to your G&G Raider airsoft rifle. If necessary, you can now adjust the hop-up for greater distances before re-adjusting the iron sights on your Combat Machine M4 Raider.

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