Aconcagua Treks

Aconcagua Treks

Why are Aconcagua Treks providing the best trekking experience?

If you do not have enough time or physical condition to climb Aconcagua, you need not worry.  A four- or eight-day Aconcagua trek will provide you with the best trekking experience for up to 16,000 feet above sea level. Trekking in Aconcagua, the highest American mountain, has many advantages over the Himalayan treks though it is the highest mountain in the world.  A few advantages include safety because Aconcagua is the highest non-technical mountain in the world and is easy to reach from many developed countries. 

So, check out why the Aconcagua treks provide the best trekking experience compared to others worldwide. 

What are Aconcagua treks?

Aconcagua is one of the seven summits to have the highest peak in South America, and climbing it is the dream for many Americans and others worldwide. If you are one among them and cannot spend around twenty days climbing its peak, try trekking at Aconcagua.  And if you are not fit enough to climb Aconcagua because of age or other issues, you can still enjoy its natural beauty by Aconcagua treks.  The best Aconcagua Mountain guides offer two trekking packages for four and eight days.  With all their support, guidance and help, it is easy for you to go up to 16,000 feet out of the early 23,000 Aconcagua peak. 

Six reasons why Aconcagua Treks provides the best trekking experience

As many think, mountaineering and trekking are not the same, requiring different technical skills.  Mountaineering involves many life-risking activities, while trekking is more of a leisure activity.  Hence mountaineering requires weeks or months of training and preparation to climb Aconcagua.  But for Aconcagua treks, it is unnecessary as it takes only four or eight days to climb up to 16,000 feet.  Also, with Aconcagua being the highest non-technical mountain and not needing specialized equipment it is is easy to trek without any issues. Hence, check out the many reasons why Aconcagua provides the best trekking experience. 

  1. Easy and fast to reach the Mendoza international airport from many developed and developing countries than the Himalayas
  2. Professional guides with proper qualifications, experience and license from reputed mountaineering authorities to make Aconcagua treks safe 
  3. Enables to reach up to 16,000 feet above sea level by covering over 26 or 36 kilometres in four or eight days to have a spectacular view of the Andes mountains
  4. Provide a choice of four or eight days as per the time available, but do not miss the stunning beauty of the America and Pacific Ocean thousands of meters below from the treks.
  5. The four or eight-day itinerary includes the magical Mendoza city to get permits, equipment, other suppliers, and transportation to Puente Del Inca, Plaza Francia and others. 
  6. Support from arriving at the Mendoza airport, staying in a four-star hotel in Mendoza, having the best food three times a day, porters, guides, mules, tents and others to trek Aconcagua happily.

The above facts and reasons will convince you why Aconcagua Treks provide the best trekking experience for others to have an adventurous and exciting vacation to remember for a lifetime.

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