A Quick Introductory Guide to Buffalo Hump Removal

A Quick Introductory Guide to Buffalo Hump Removal

Human beings have always been conscious of their appearance and have sought ways to improve it. From traditional beauty remedies to modern surgical fat removal and body contouring procedures, these are all human attempts to modify their appearance to look their best. Buffalo hump removal is no different.

What is Buffalo Hump Removal?

Buffalo hump removal is a cosmetic procedure to eliminate the unsightly mound of excess fat at the base of the neck and behind the shoulders, causing your shoulders to develop a hump-like shape similar to that on the back of a buffalo. Hence, the name.

While buffalo hump isn’t a health concern, it can cause some discomfort, restrict the movement of the head and neck, and severely impact a person’s confidence and self-esteem. Buffalo hump removal offers a solution to all these problems and helps you regain the lost form and shape.

What Causes a Buffalo Hump?

There is no single definitive cause of the buffalo hump. It can be the result of numerous factors, including:

  • Obesity
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Certain prescription medications
  • Long-term use of steroids
  • Cushing’s Syndrome
  • Madelung Disease

How is Buffalo Hump Treated?

Treatment for buffalo hump depends on what caused it. If it is caused by an underlying health condition, addressing it is the best way to treat the hump. If it is the result of obesity, a healthy lifestyle may help fix it. And if it is a side effect of some prescription medication, talk to your healthcare provider about changing your medicine or dosage.

Along with treating the underlying cause (wherever it is present), doctors may suggest cosmetic surgery to remove the fat deposits from behind the shoulders. 

How is Buffalo Hump Removal Performed?

Buffalo hump removal is the same as any other body fat extraction process. The most common procedure used for it is liposuction. Depending on where you go for it, the doctor may use the traditional liposuction method or the advanced, minimally invasive Vaser Lipo to remove the hump behind the neck.

Considering the various advantages of Vaser Liposuction over the traditional fat removal technique, an increasing number of cosmetic surgeons prefer to use it for buffalo hump removal.  Vaser lipo causes minimal scarring and bleeding, no damage to surrounding tissues, quicker recovery, and better results.

While liposuction is the most commonly used method for buffalo hump removal these days, more stubborn layers of fat or a bigger hump may sometimes require ‘direct excision.’

Direct excision, as the name may suggest, involves making an overlying incision to excise (remove) the fatty tissues from the back of the neck.

Consult a reliable plastic surgeon to determine the best buffalo hump removal method for you.

Who Can Have a Buffalo Hump Removal Surgery?

Anyone looking to undergo a buffalo hump removal surgery should be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • In good physical and mental health. If you have an illness, talk to your doctor about your eligibility for buffalo hump removal surgery.
  • A non-smoker or be willing to stop smoking. If you smoke, you will be asked to stop it at least two weeks prior to the procedure and avoid it until you’re fully recovered.

How Long Does it Take to Recover After a Buffalo Hump Removal Surgery?

Depending on the type of liposuction procedure used to remove the hump, patients will experience varying levels of swelling and bruising for up to a week or two. This shouldn’t, however, restrict you from performing daily activities, except the ones that are physically strenuous, such as exercise or sports. Patients are typically advised to avoid strenuous activities for at least six weeks.

Is Surgery a Permanent Cure for Buffalo Hump?

Surgery can permanently cure a buffalo hump if its underlying cause is well-managed. Failure to do so can put you at risk of buffalo hump recurrence. The answer to how sooner or later it can redevelop varies from person to person. Talk to your doctor for a more definite answer and to know more about how you can prevent or delay the recurrence of the buffalo hump.

Get Rid of the Unsightly Buffalo Hump to Look Your Best

Stop covering that hump at the back of your neck with collared shirts, mufflers, or scarves. Get rid of it and regain your confidence and self-esteem with the safe and effective buffalo hump removal process. Consult a trusted cosmetic surgeon to remove that fat pad between your shoulders and look your best.

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Dr Anuj Purbey is a leading British Medical Association-certified consultant aesthetic surgeon in Manchester. He has extensive experience in helping people achieve their aesthetic goals and look the best version of themselves. He is part of the dynamic team of aestheticians at Manchester Private Hospital and has performed numerous cosmetic surgeries, including buffalo hump removal procedures, with excellent results.


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