A Quick Guide to Selecting the Perfect Candle Stand

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Candlelight is symbolic of a lot of things. The words harmony, tranquility, contentment, and intimacy come to mind someone thinks of a well-lit home. Candles are simple and have an elegant ability to bring in warmth and light.

Candles can lift the mood in no time and spread the aura of serenity all around. Moreover, candles along with beautiful candle stands can also be used to decorate the home in style. No matter if you love the traditional, vintage, or contemporary setup for your home, candle stands with their expansive variety can cater to all your demands.

Choosing a perfect candle stand from home décor India online can be a task because of their varied styles and patterns. However, this holistic guide will help you select unparalleled beauty for your home. Follow right in to get inspired.

Things to be mindful of while selecting a candle stand

Candle stands can adapt to any theme of home décor but there are certain aspects that one should be mindful of before buying the candle stands.

Size: Size plays a primary role when you decide to buy a candle stand for your home as candle stands are available in a wide range of sizes at home decor India online. Proportion is the key to choosing the right size, for example, you should choose a small horizontal candle stand for a bedroom side table but for the console table in the living room, you can go for a large-sized candle stand.

Placement: The location of placing candle stands should be pre-decided before buying one. For a larger area like the living room and dining area, you can choose the vertical and traditional candle stands. For the dining table, go for elegant tea light candle stands, and for smaller areas like the bedroom and reading area always choose candle stands that are small in size.

Colour and designs: It is very important to create a visual appeal through the home décor items. Candle stands not only bring light into the room but also spread colour through their exquisite designs and hues. Match the colour scheme appropriately before buying candle stands.

The latest candle stands for your home

Candle stands never go out of fashion because of their timeless classic patterns and designs. Here is a list of some of the most voguish candle stands that will illuminate your home with the aroma of magic and beauty.

1. Vintage Candle Stands

Decorate your home with the glorious legacy of classic styles from the past. These vintage candle stands are a perfect fit to bring an aesthetic touch to your homes as they stand out due to their unique style. The Jade green candle stand set of three brings to you the saga of sophistication blended with beauty. This is an ideal piece for your living room and the dining area. To add some opulence to your abode alongside the vintage theme, you can check the Fulgor gold and black candle stand set of three which is a premium product in shades of black and gold to give your home a rejuvenated look.

2. Hand-blown Candle Stands

A simple design has the greatest capacity to make a statement. Hand-blown candle stands reflect the magnanimity of intricate designs and the art of making through the beautiful glass patterns. Have a look at the countryside and blown glass candle stand that is simply gorgeous. The swirling pattern makes one feel lost in not just the soulful scent of the candle but also in the artistic design of the candle stand.

3. Antique Candle Stands

Home is the most sacred place that should be decorated with love, passion, and antiquity so that it reflects your rare personality. Antique candle stands like the Jade green crescent shaped candle stand are an ultimate option to pair your scented candles as it is nothing less than a cherry on the cake. Do your desire riches for your home? Giovani glass and steel candle stand set of 2 is an amalgamation of luxury, style, and uniqueness that has been never seen before.

4. Ceramic Candle Stands

Ceramic candle stands are the latest trends as they serve the dual purpose of adding colours and accentuating the look of a place. Victorian hour glass shaped ceramic candle stand set of 2 is a masterpiece that will add grandeur to your space in colors of jade green and gold. For subtle colours check The colonial jade and gold decorative candle stand with a glossy ceramic finish and stainless steel look that will lighten up your home in style.

5. Contemporary Candle Stands

 Give a renewed modern look to your home with outstanding contemporary candle stands like the Sleek marble candle holder set of 2. This is a minimalistic candle stand that will elevate your interiors with a stylish accent. Sigma stainless steel candle stand is a set of pedestal stands with a tint of gold that is an absolute choice for the celebratory feeling at home or for relaxing the mind at the workplace. Mystique tube candle stand is another beauty that can be placed as a single piece on a coffee table or in the living area.

6. Multiple pieces candle stands– Going a little extra with candles is always a great idea because who doesn’t appreciate light? Check out the Rostova classic candle stand set of three that redefines elegance with its stylish design with three slots for candles. The wave inspired five piece candle stand is another brass and glass finished candle stand that can be placed on a dining or console table to give your home décor warmth of beauty.

These were some of the most liked designs that are appreciated by the home décor enthusiasts. Light up your home with mesmerizing candle stands to spread welcoming and intimate vibes in your home.

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