A powerful chat platform with an admin that canscreen messages? Count us in!

Two of the biggest challenges associated with online events are audience engagement and
attendee satisfaction. In fact, 49% of marketers agree that these factors are crucial to success.
So, it’s about time we invest in the right tools that can elevate our participant’s experience at an
online event.
Let’s check out RumbleTalk Chat, the chat plugin everyone’s been raving about, and how it
quickly became the go-to solution for event and website audience engagement.

What is RumbleTalk Chat?

RumbleTalk is an easy-to-use chat plugin that quickly integrates a fully functional chat room
onto any website – without having to use codes. This is best for engaging audiences, collecting
feedback, hosting presentations or interviews, and much more. You’ll never need another plugin

For programmers, RumbleTalk makes it easy to integrate an intuitive and user-friendly chat
system into your website/event using REST API and Software Development Kits. So, you can
seamlessly integrate it into your system without having to worry about mundane tasks such as
adding new messages or deleting old ones.
Here’s a rundown on what you can do with RumbleTalk chat.

Increase online event attendee count with a live chat

Online events often produce a better turnout rate than in-person ones, about 29% higher. It’s all
thanks to how convenient they are – there’s no need for travel and people can participate from
the comfort of their homes.
Yet these virtual meetups also limit social interaction among participants; combat this by
combining a live chat feature with your event on whatever platform you’re using for hosting. This
way, attendees are able to interact with speakers and other attendees coming from different
parts of the world!

Screen messages before it goes live

Using RumbleTalk’s Queued Chat, one of the 6 chat types that they offer, you are able to assign
an administrator to moderate the chat room.

This admin will have special functions such as approving or rejecting chat messages before it
goes live in the group chat. This is perfect for hosting Q&A Sessions with an event speaker,
where you can choose the questions that will appear in the chat room.

The admin can also slow down the incoming chat, useful for when you have thousands of
chatters in one chat room.

Moreover, your admin can also mute all participants, export the chat, ban profanity, block users,
and more.

Collect real-time feedback through polls

Compared to physical events, data gathering during online events is a breeze.

With the Polls feature, you can ask your audience for their opinions through various questions
and get instant feedback on what they think. This not only helps increase the participation rates
of your attendees but makes them feel more involved in what’s going on too.

You can also use this tool to collect real-time feedback on your event – one that you’ll be able to
use to develop new campaigns or even another event.

Create multiple virtual booths for your event exhibitors

Technology offers so many new opportunities to connect with your potential customers. Rather
than going through the trouble of hosting an overly crowded physical booth at some convention
or other, why not make it easier on yourself and set up your own virtual space?

With RumbleTalk, you can make use of multiple chatrooms as your virtual booth. Create as
many rooms as needed—this is a place where exhibitors can answer questions from clients,
send photos or videos of products they’re selling, accept payment, and more. Stop worrying
about being too busy at events—start taking advantage of this innovative software instead!

Convenient and paperless admission fees using PayWall

RumbleTalk’s Paid Chat lets organizers charge the attendees for entering your chat – perfect for
experts, supporters, influencers, and gurus.

You can send private payment requests to your customers in a group chat or in a one-on-one
conversation. Collect money easily and effortlessly while allowing your attendees to contribute
to your revenue too!

Only spend on what you need. Customize your plan now!

Hosting an online event has its perks- namely, attendees and hosts can save money. But don’t
think this means anything goes- RumbleTalk lets you customize your plan based on the number
of people attending and whether or not there are going to be multiple events happening

Now, you can invest in dependable and customizable live chat software that improves overall
attendee satisfaction levels and increases your return on investment.
Create your own plan now at https://rumbletalk.com or message their friendly support team for a
free demo!

By Patricia Smith

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